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At Gaeddu College, nobody planned anything. Some professors never wrote lesson plans or planned anything for that matter. Some never used textbooks. I later found out why. Incredibly, even the college calendar was bogus.

I kept count of the unofficial, non-teaching days. I lost forty eight (48) hours or four weeks of teaching the first term. Remember, I taught twelve hours a week. The second term was little better, only thirty five (35) hours, or three weeks, were lost. How can a professor complete his teaching schedule when an entire month was lost? The Administration obviously didn’t care and certainly the students were apathetic about losing class time. In fact, they were happy, they had a free day. I was never able to complete my courses either term.

Gaeddu College of BS was supposed to be a business school but none of the administration, teachers, or students knew a thing about the methods of running a business.

The Director, at first welcomed us, but later he seemed to be angry and oblivious to American teachers. He told Bhutan Bob he didn’t like us and wished we would all leave. The rest of the Bhutanese staff simply ignored us as a minor irritation. There was no cooperation whatsoever.

Certainly, the Dean and Director didn’t know or didn’t care. It was quickly obvious to me the school discipline and academic discipline in the College was a sham and hypocrisy.

The most serious problem, in the future, will be the quality of the teaching. Most of the Bhutanese teachers were incompetent. It really boggled the mind. There was no way any of these college graduates of Gaeddu College should be hired for any position in a business or teaching environment. That plus, most Bhutanese graduates do not speak or write very good English.

Being a control freak, the Director was livid and vowed to make them suffer for the altercation, a draconian action for a simple problem.

I continually had to remind myself that this school was not a real college, only a boarding school wanabe. It reminded me of a junior high school in the States. I am firmly convinced the Administration was more interested in the number of bodies rather than the quality of learning and academic achievement

The Director was angry that we asked some tough questions. He expected us to sit quietly and say nothing. He liked the human values seminar so much that two months later; he scheduled an entire week of that bogus philosophy. And, of course, classes were cancelled. He let it be known that any professor wanting to ask questions was not invited. So much for academic freedom. The seminar was a typical combination of Buddhist, Hindu, Christian, and New Age philosophy. The whole thing was a sham

In all honesty, I have never seen any building as dirty as the campus building. I have seen cleaner pig sties.  The students tended to ignore the filth but even they complained about the dirty bathrooms. The Administration response? Well, the bathrooms were cleaned for awhile, and then everything returned back to the usual Bhutanese incompetence.

The Director was a control freak. He would grill professors about where they went and    what they did. He spent more time trying to control people than actually running the school. He was a very controlling person almost to the point of paranoia. Not being a very good educator or administrator, he resorted to intimidation and abuse of his power to fill the void.

The College has continued to pass and graduate business students without regard to their qualifications and abilities. Can the Bhutanese economy absorb all these business graduates – no.


Extract from a book by American Professor Fred Westmark who taught in Gaeddu College


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  1. Dear Sir,
    I am an ex teacher of Bhutan  who has taught in Punakha school in the early 90’s.I keep visiting educational Institutes frequently.I am very upset after knowing pathetic tconditions in the Gedu College of Management, The college needs a very seasoned and experienced Education Expert having very sound knowledge of handling problems of Management college. The younger generation has to find solutions of the present problems. The country face a challenge of international quality standards in all the disciplines of education.Desire to improve the college atmosphere has to come from with in.Of course the aim of starting this college should not be ignored. The Government wish to make this college as the guiding Institute in the years to come.
    Wishing you the students a very bright future  from this Institute.
    With Best wishes

    • Dear Saxena,
      Before judging fully from the above one-sided article, I think we all need to experience and find out more. Looks like the author so called Prof. had some problems with the Management there. May be he was not received or not able to achieved what he had in his mind before landing Bhutan.
      Constructive criticism is good but the strong words this so called prof. have used shows that he is up to defaming the reputation of the education system in Bhutan also indirectly insulting our development Philosophy.
      But nevertheless, Office of the Vice Chancellor needs to find out why such things are observed.

    • @arunsaxena you surely need to do thorough research before seconding the very ‘unlikely’ professor’s rant. Its not right to base your opinion to the single source which is rather not true.  

  2. Reply-Part I
    A man of no wits and no pedagogical modus operandi throughout his teaching life has written ridiculous article about GCBS in ‘The Bhutanese’ newspaper that has really made my nerves of every parts of my body to react here in this discussion forum. In receiving such a gawky article, the editor of ‘The Bhutanese’ must have saved his time in editing process instead of having a shade of doubt and seeking clarification from the college management.
    How can a man who has worked in the State and after joining to GCBS expected better in everything? 
    Well, you must have dreamt that Bhutanese colleges and its pedagogical method would be indifferent like yours in State. It is truly wrong to say that GCBS students don’t use textbooks. If you are man of letters having graduated from most propitious university in State, then you must have heard a word called ‘literate’. In Bhutanese college’s context, using textbooks in college is illiterate; literate is when students learn through business-information update; and studying through case studies. A theory written in American Textbook is inapplicable in Bhutanese context and truly speaking, we don’t believe in theories; we believe in vehement application only. This is the reason why academic textbooks authored in American have less scope to be sold in Bhutan. 
    You have further aggravated the reputation of business-burgeoning college by saying that you didn’t get an adequate time to teach in a month, thus blamed the management badly. If you really have a concern for the students to groom themselves then you must have seeked a kind of aid from the management at that time. Did you consult the management? Obviously Big No! Once, a Japanese professor has rightly claimed that Bhutanese education system has improved thus far a lot but not the ingredients-the teachers who involves in teaching like you. 
    If you don’t believe me, let me tell you the practical example of such instances. In 2011, Mr. Rob, calling himself professor though his curriculum says otherwise, taught us ‘New Venture Development’ in the final year. He has no practical wits of teaching life; he used to do one thing to the class, i.e., his style of knotting the hair and attending the class just simply to listen what students present. A majority of my friends scored 120 when the full marks were 100.  If S.K Sharma of Delhi University was there during Rob’s time, he could have received a scolding in aplenty! This is indeed a type of teacher coming from western world, like State. What you learn out there at State has no link or can’t be linked to our context. Our university is small, with compact small in number. 
     I would cover mask on my face in case if I were in your position, calling yourself as professor and blaming GCBS for the hospitality they have given during your stay at college. The GCBS environment is not like yours in State where everything is encircled by industries. Whenever new guest arrives to the college, GCBS offer one thing in abundance, i.e., conducive environment with no pollution. Like the students of State we don’t believe in protesting when political bigwigs or teachers make mistake; we act and react through peace and mutual sense of understanding. You far-fetched comprehension about GCBS is like climbing a branchless tree, you may or may not reach to the apex of a tree.  

    • Pema, I can appreciate you feelings regarding the publication of this excerpt, in fact agree with most of your comments, but I must respectfully request that you be mindful of your facts, and do not color all Chillips with the same brush. The average score in NVD that semester as in the high 70s. Highest score was a well deserved 99 and there were no students failing and none getting 120. Further, while my background was in the Corporate Business world and i had relatively little teaching experience at that time, and I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy the class, I have been able to adapt and have experienced none of the issues, nor voiced any of the complaints that Fred or others have voiced. Just the opposite, while I had been at GCBS for a year prior to Fred’s arrival, I am still here in Bhutan today, teaching and enjoying the work, the students, the country, the culture and the people, almost three years later. 

  3. Dorji Wangchuk

     Dear writer, I personally didn’t like your article. You have generalized every subject of your statements intentionally to undermine the morale of the faculty and the students. I see your article a complete fallacious material! Graduates from GCBS have generally and comparatively been doing good everywhere. GCBS has history to speak on the success. I think i need to stop with this.

  4. Mr. Westmark i am your student and i cant defy my teacher but your article makes me to do so. What we need and what we get are two different things and thus all say life is not fair. it seems being professor and even at this age you cant accept the harsh reality of life. Just not giging extension to your contract does not mean you have to blame whole college management and students.
    “At Gaeddu College, nobody planned anything. Some professors never wrote lesson plans or planned anything for that matter.” what you mean to express with that line, you mean that you bring those printed notes and read it out in the class like the style you taught us Corporate Governance, that’s not real learning your teaching style is bullshit. merely reading those pre-written notes in class is not teaching in real sense. At this age (67 years) at-least don’t think you know all, try also to know what you don’t know. 
    ” I was never able to complete my courses either term.” that speak your weakness, you come to class with least prepared materials and once that notes are done class is over for you though not by watch. After this many teaching experience you can’t take single class without preparation.
    Once again i cannot defy my own teacher but your shameless comments to your own students makes me to do so. Where ever Mr. Frederick  is teaching at present, be mindful he may say same things after he left as he did to our college after staying for more then two years… 

  5. Having been a part of GCBS family and of all being a highly educated person, never in million years, thought you would stoop that low. Just because things didn’t go your way, doesn’t mean you could go all the way insulting and defaming the entire management and the students. The cheapo act is just disgracing yourself. GCBS is rather better off with out such ungrateful and back-stabbing professor. Director must be ruing the day he recruited you.

  6. Author really did not get what he want from the college…he simply got fed up being in Bhutan not because he didn’t like the way we Bhutanese have in colleges, schools because we Bhutanese respect discipline, of course he directed towards GCBS because he has been there for 2 years and instead of doing his work he has been busy studying the environment and the surrounding of the college finding out pig sties are better…IGNORE HIM……

  7. whatever he has written is 200% true.He has written the fact so what turn deaf ears and try to defend and hide the facts.whenever GCBS in news ,it is always for bad reasons and the director coco jamboo is hitler,he doesn’t have any management or administrative skills.All those Bhutanese lecturers are fresh University graduates without any experience  and that is the fact.
    I know many students passed out from gcbs who doesn’t even know how to write a proper resume.So, do you expect such graduates to run Bhutanese economy?No way.GCBS is in dire need of skilled and effective administrator,Not someone like COCO JAMBOO. 

    • People talk shit when others are better than them, so is in your case. If GCBS lecturers and students  are that incompetent, why is it so that GCBS students never fails to be at the top in RCSC exams every time, not to mention majority of the RIM trainees are GCBS students . Apparently, most of the corporations and private sectors recruit ‘GCBS ‘ students as their employees (don’t believe it? find out for yourself!  I’ll tell you, its a waste of time because its the ‘fact’). Now, from any angle, does it show that students can’t write their resume? oh please! get out of this wrong notion. Not to sound arrogant but I do believe that GCBS is one of the finest undergrad college which every year produces the very competent, talented and hardworking  graduates. Trust me, they wont led the country down. All their life they’ve been trying to be their best  and you don’t get to undermine them. Its not fair on your part!

      • GCBS students are top rank holders of RCSC because the question set for rcsc exams are mostly from within RUB syllabus and those people who set questions for the exams are somehow known to students who has done graduation within Bhutan.RCSC questions are not att all as per international standard.It is designed to favour those who did gradaution from within Bhutan.

        GCBS students are employed by Govt.and Private sector just to give a helping hand to encourage  and recruit our own graduates not because they are in any way competente than those who pass out from other countries.In fact,GCBS graduates are just with booksih knowledge known more for mating in forest than studying.

    • hahah…..is that reli so? resume is one such thing that is so simple. and mind it…people are selected from gedu cuz of their resumes….and are holding gud…….in fact very good positions. If our director has no skills he wont be where he is standing now….yes the lecturers out there are fresh university graduates but i didn’t any problem with either of them nor did my friends. They teach well not just for the sake of teaching…..and if u reli have a problem why not raise the issue during meetings instead of juz bluffing around.

  8. He is such a looser, and we can see that too. We all know that he was already a criminal and who would trust in criminals. “The Publisher” is also one of it. Same as this stupid, idiot, selfish  Grandpa Fred Westmark. This old man will not live long after all, he was already dieing, the old stupid man. After his death, may his soul be in hell. STUPID SHITTT…. “The Bhutanese” also have to be careful in publishing this articles. 

  9. hay guys ignore his statement he ate n shit on dat same plate, gues his time has com to die so datz y bullshitting…….R.I.P….

  10. I am one of his student in Geaddu College and whatever he has written in his statement are all false information. First and the foremost he is not a good teacher and secondly he always assume that Bhutanese doesn’t know anything and he feels that they are mere uncivilized people. Whenever he ask questions, he ask in such a way that students doesn’t feel like answering because he had mindset that this stupid students will not know this answers. I still remember that moment when he asks about Oprah Winfrey..his first question was, does Oprah Winfrey men or women? now if you are student and when you know the answer do you feel like answering, I guess you don’t coz Bhutanese are not born in this way and we aren’t uncivilized people. 
    He even doesn’t have any respect to our HIS MAJESTY & HER MAJESTY. it was so happen during the time of his majesty visit to our college, the management has informed all the teaching staffs, non-teaching staffs and students to come in a proper dress code. However, despite of important notice given that Fred turn up in JEANS TROUSER AND BLOODY round neck shirt and with his favorite cap. Instantly, Director have to sent him back to change his dress code but he didn’t turn up later.

    Further, he never attended any seminars, literature competitions or any gathering because he feels that we are doing stupid things. All this bloody care is about his friend from Albania… Prof. Fred whatever topic you taught in New Venture Development , honestly speaking we didn’t learn anything because your teaching really sucks..it is more of reading than teaching. In future, before you write about others try to visualize your weaknesses.  where ever you are ….HAVE A NICE DAY..BIATCHHH…..

    • m an ex-student of gedu, and neva in ma life have experienced such thing as written by Mark. my stay there was a very fruitful one, and I am proud to say that i have passed out from gedu. Sir, lots of students from gedu are doing well some even topping RCSC exams. this shows how Gedu college has made us. I salute the hospitality of our Director.  And it is such  shame that u lived in our beautiful campus and when you are knocked off….u left such a shame not of our college but of yourself. I don’t remember you teaching sooooo well compared to other lecturers. Nor did I seen u taking an important role. may be you were that silent cat who wanted the bad to happen…and guess what you have become a bad curry yourself. 

  11. Douglas Schofield

    Re: 01-06-19 Labor Minister, Unemployment
    The most striking thing about the Minister’s comments is what he did NOT suggest, and his comments had No relation to potential actions of other Ministries:

    No mention of freeing up private entities from the mass of permits, approvals, DPRs constrained by inexperienced bureaucrats, so that private jobs can flourish.

    No mention of stopping the rapidly rising tide of State Owned Enterprises driving out private entities and stifling their growth, and deterring formation of new private entities with the potential of generating sizable employment.

    No reality in imagining that quickie training courses, like so many which have failed in the past, will somehow transform a 10th grade dropout with little/no motivation, insight or experience into an “engine of growth” anything beyond himself, leaving the great majority the 5000 unemployed youth still unemployed.

    National Service is useful, but only as a temporary stop gap back to unemployment. Overseas employment destroys Bhutan’s culture and communities. Massive budgets for more failed short term trainings is Not the answer!

    D. Schofield
    Sr. Advisor and Professor of Business, RTC

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