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Response to, “Imprisoned under Tobacco Act, Sonam Tshering says ‘one country two laws’ is a reality”

Well said, Sonam, and very true indeed. I fully sympathize with you. No words, money or any substitution can bring back your prison years but this is GNH country where laws are for two sections, one for powerful and another for poor people like us. I only hope that you forgive them or forget them as you cannot do anything. Just think that this is the prize you pay for being a poor person, and pray that in the next life you become the relative of a minister.

Give No Happiness Get No Happiness

This is a fact and it has been applied in many cases (i mean two laws in the country). I appreciate Mr. Sonam for sharing his thoughts in public, since many Bhutanese fears coming out in public to express our own rights and duties. I appeal let’s fight for the change.

Dirty Politics

I agree on this issue.


Whatever you said was very true. As a Buddhist citizen i really feel pity for you and am really shocked to hear and see such inequity and unjust activities happening just in front of us in our GNH country where everyone talks about equity and justice. We (poor people) cannot do anything rather than bear the unfair crime and penalty so don’t think too much about whatever happened to you. Everything happens for a reason just believe that “god sees the truth but waits”


This monk deserves it.


I sympathize with you Sonam but why on earth did you smuggle tobacco of all the substances on earth? As a monk you should have advised others not to smoke or smuggle rather than you doing. Engage in other business, not in tobacco. This is a betrayal as monks are not expected to such things and not searched usually by even the police. Because of this sin, you are paying now.


Did DPT or the Parliament pass the Tobacco Act? I think it is the parliament including DPT, PDP and NC. Once the debate is done and the Act is signed by His Majesty, it becomes of endorsement of even those who have objected.


Only when the media reported about Sonam Tshering, did I come to know that the Tobacco Act was being implemented. What the former Government did was wrong and wrong because they pass acts in Parliament which is the rightful place but how many in Bhutan know about what is happening in parliament. The ruling government may say that they have broadcasted in television but how many Bhutanese people enjoy television (BBS) facilities.  It would have been justified if the government had treated everyone with equity meaning keeping the act as it is because one cannot amend act as and when they want to best suit the law makers.

My point is that what are the people elected representatives doing, they are provided with vehicle, fuel, and in short everything, it’s their responsibility to ensure that people at all levels are well informed about the acts that are going to be enforced, so that people do not commit such things which are regarded as crime after the acts are passed.  I have never seen the MPs and NC members briefing people on the various issues that are discussed in parliament.


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