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Response to ‘NLC says Chang Ugyen is in the wrong and asks replacement for grabbed land’

If he has taken land from Thimphu then it’s a prima facie case that land must be replaced from Thimphu and not from other Dzongkhags like Chukha, Paro or Punakha. Why is NLC having a biased rule? Are they in fear of and favoring Chang Ugyen and the DPT Govt.? He must be booked by the laws of the country. Why is he still free? Under the DPT tenure, a monk created history by getting a three year non-bail-able jail term simply for possessing tobacco which he brought for self consumption.



Now, I am beginning to think that there is no place for honest and hardworking people in this country.

Every now and then there is a lot of corruption, favoritism, nepotism and the worst case is that there is no justice when it comes to influential people.

So it is better to do be corrupt until someone catches you and then act innocent when caught.



Response to ‘Despite controversy Bhutan post goes ahead with procurement of 15 Chinese buses’

Bhutan has become like the Wild West. Anything can happen if there is enough backing. The BPCL MD would never have the guts to do go ahead when there is a looming procurement scandal of such a huge tender without some push from behind. Whenever there is a complaint the complaint must be addressed properly to the satisfaction of organizations like the RAA or ACC before going ahead.

Ap Kado


Response to NHDC program will allow civil servants to own apartments

This is a good initiative form NHDC. As of now the pay and stay system is good for the house owner. They can take out all the loan repayments from the tenant and charge huge rents. They say that they have to repay the loan but they do not think that after 20 years the building will be theirs. It’s like paying the owners loan.

If the NHDC really comes through with this proposal then at least we will be paying for the house that we will own later and not paying for house that will be somebody else later.

By Sonam


Response to Govt-Media relations have reached an all time low

Let people decide. I think this paper will suffer because it dared to expose the so called high level people. If such punishment is meted to those who reveal truth, I can imagine Bhutan will in course becoming like Somalia.

Everybody should think of this wonderful country and not about your posts, your status, your ego and your personal interests.

By Karma

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  1. live and let live

  2. live and let die seems more relevant.

  3. Goodwill Embassador

    Don’t worry, Bhutan has a sufficient number of better people like me to take care of the country. lol!

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