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This is not an isolated case. If the Bhutanese interview more people across the country; such cases will be aplenty. And this is one of the reasons why PDP supporters have remained unchanged in their decision to change sides as they have felt the full wrath of the ruling Party. A bit short sited on their part, as they could have recruited more into their fold. And yet again, what did the DPT guys think, the whole country should have voted for them? Weren’t they satisfied with 45 seats out of 47? This I daresay is a clear indication of lack of compassion for Bhutan’s own citizens who had a different view. And, this is also a sign of dictatorship in the making.

So, please think carefully DPT supporters and PDP and the other Parties alike on what is meant by democracy and roles and responsibilities of the elected govt.



I think OAG is heavily politicized> Where ever there is involvement of DPT people, they say there is no basis for legal case. We can understand their plight. They can’t turn against their Masters.

I think the OAG office should be a constitutional body ACC, ECB, RAA so that they have the power and mandate to prosecute people without fear and favor.



Can’t imagine what our MPs have done with their CDG. I would suggest that they should be investing in long term benefits which can benefit the community and nation at large rather than focusing on short term goals (political gains).

It would be interesting to see if any of the news papers can list down what the different activities are implemented under CDG by all ex-MPs.

Pema Dorji


This is what i assumed from the beginning and same thing is happening all over the Dzongkhag. The huge amount is allotted to MPs and it is wasted all over 20 Dzongkhags without any special benefit. If BBS could conduct live interview with the people of 20 Dzongkhags who they have been benefited from CDG the real story will come out. This is the another main cause for the Shortage of IC in the Market

Ap Chundu

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