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Government sits for a year on reform measures to deal

with the Rupee crisis

It is a matter of great disappointment that the government has been as slowing moving as a sloth bear to deal with a tiger of a problem called the Rupee Crisis which is now affecting every Bhutanese.

Granted, that Bhutan always had varying levels of rupee shortage which the government pointed out in self defense.

However, now the government should accept that it was caught napping instead of dealing with the problem.

The slow response of the government on reforms to deal with the rupee crisis contrasts with the speedy response, and importance given to the Education City project, where some minister’s relatives are involved.

It is shocking to learn that reform measures were suggested a year ago and it is only now that the cabinet is looking at it again with no decisions.

The government should stop blaming ordinary citizens and take the bulk of the blame for allowing the rupee crisis to become this serious without doing anything about it.

Karma Tshering


DCT gets to 33 with new 11

Well, DCT is turning into Desperate Chirwang Tshogpa because it is recruiting more and more candidates in twenties out of desperation. About 80 percent of their candidates are fresh graduates and can that group govern our country?

Concerned citizen

I salute all the young vibrant DCT candidates. It is such a refreshing change to see new, clean faces rather than old, retired, corrupted govt officials. I will surely support DCT as I want to see some change in our country.


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