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Response to, ‘NC candidate’s father to file complaint on political interference in Mongar NC race by DPT party workers’


This claim could be true and ECB must do a thorough investigation. A similar story is also emerging in Trongsa about DPT people assisting a NC candidate, who later emerged as the winner.



The same is also true in Pemagatshel. The incumbent candidate Jigme Rinzin is a strong hold of DPT and campaigning were rigorously done in the name of DPT. The other candidate from Nanong who performed equally good in forum was branded as affiliated to PDP and could not garner votes. Needs investigation there too.



ECB must investigate this and if found to be true, these people must be brought to task, and punished severely.Preventing other citizens to vote should amount to treason. One’s right to vote is the most fundamental right in a democracy.



Response to, ‘Opposition Leader returns vehicle to government, DPT calls it a political stunt’

Your Excellency OL, I salute you for this commendable act even at the last hour of your service to the nation as an opposition leader. You truly care and love your country. I feel true patriotism with you after hearing this great service.



My Dear OL,You are the man of word. The cost of your Prado will build more than 17 km of farm road or build a school which will improve the livelihood of citizen in countryside. Those greedy ministers and the PM of DPT will suck the blood of all poor Bhutanese people if they win in the next election. So I request all voters in the upcoming election to be mindful of these greedy acts and vote for the right party.From my side, this greedy DPT is out from primary round. Let a new face run our country till 2018.

Sangay Kuenden Drukpa


See the PM and Ministers of DPT wants to ban import of vehicles due to country’s economy status, they have even banned import of vegetables from India. But they have no ban on robbing the country’s resources from every corner they can. The land cruisers and Prado belongs to the people of Bhutan who have contributed through PIT BIT or CIT.



DPT Ministers should be ashamed to beg for Soelra from His Majesty. Don’t call OL’s move a cheap political gimmick given his justification. Instead i think ministers begging for Prados were a cheap and dirty move. If you all care for the country going through the economic crisis and a burden on tax payers, then give up the Prado rather than just attacking the OL.DPT please don’t use HM’s name in your greedy and cheap attack on OL for his rightful and thoughtful action.


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