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Response to, “ECB green lights entry of DNT candidates into PDP”


Dorji Choden made a wise decision by joining PDP. She can strengthen PDP’s base in East. She won by a huge margin in her constituency which means she has to represent them in Parliament. This is possible only by joining PDP. Otherwise she has to wait for 5 years and there is no guarantee her party will win the primary round in 2018. The best time for her to be MP is now. I support her move and she is doing it within the laws. Remember these laws were framed by some heavyweights of the DPT when they were ministers in the pre-democracy era. Good luck to Dorji Choden and PDP. We want a new government and we are so close to achieving it with the support of Dorji Choden. Say no to corruption.



The Election Act of 2008 was passed when most of the MPs were from DPT and now in the given situation why make fuss over the issue.



No matter how the law is being interpreted, the fact is, with DNT president along with its 6 prominent members joining PDP 17% of the voters would switch its support to PDP. DNT and PDP say it’s not a coalition but it is a coalition beyond any doubt. The poor DPT has to bear the brunt of loosing many of its constituencies because of this coalition. If this coalition is to be formed, what’s the purpose of primary election?  Now DPT has to fight against two forces. That’s how the democracy is paving its way. Poor DPT, i feel so sorry but can’t help it.



A coalition or horse-trading in politics is understood to occur only after the election results are out! For example, PDP wins 27 seats and DPT wins 25 seats in the general elections. If the election law allows defection of PDP candidates to the DPT camp to make it a ruling government, then it is a coalition or horse-trading. So I think we should stop talking about coalitions and horse-trading for now.



A big question to those aspiring politicians who are thinking of joining PDP in the future. Tragic stories are coming out from some of the replaced PDP candidates. Morning after primaries  they started to receive unexpected calls and text messages from their leadership and some other senior candidates asking them to withdraw their candidature. Their political journey was to end there.


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