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Response to “are guns really a must?”

Not only the gun license need to be renewed, the license holder must also visit the mental stability check up. Within a span of two years anything can happen to those crazy gun owner and might pose great threat to the society as a whole.


Response to ‘Old problems persist in MoH’

The ministry is run by HAs and we cannot expect miracles from them.I am wondering why all the DHOs and progam officers at MoH has to be HAs.There are many handpicked DHOs in the districts who are not at all capable enough. But they are very good at siphoning money allocated for different activities.There are many nurses with masters in public health with research back ground. They can be a better mangers,POs and DHOs.


1.Drugs with short shelve life probably bought at low price and when billing they must be putting up the bill for the longer shelve life price… well a good area for collusion for the seller and buyer both win a handsome amount but it’s the 3rd party the users who have to bear the brunt…..

2. MoH and DRA speaking on different tone about a same thing is a cause of concern as far as we as commoner are concern… going by the book i would listen to DRA they are the agency entrusted to deal with drugs quality etc etc….

3. I hope they will not blame ACC for this one also like they did in the past. ACC, i am sure has nothing to do with short shelve life drugs procured by MoH.

4. Unless there is massive clean up at all level in MoH like any other organization, the situation will not improve. Even if the water is a 100% pure water, when stagnant for long time, it’s bound to get spoil. Reshuffle and transfer in massive range is necessary now.

5. The need for a medical knowledge/background secretary (who is the head of a Ministry, since Minister is a politician, the person filling that post will come today and go tomorrow) would have been much better for MoH but it’s beyond control, it’s all high level politics. This days who looks for public welfare, it’s self welfare first and rest are all secondary.

6. We saw few doctors being exposed in media for their travel to China and Germany but the real people who pocketed millions are still at large and roaming freely…..

How can people who risked the life of many with poor quality drugs, risk the lives of many children with poor quality equipments to build buildings be still roaming and tell others to serve tsa-wa-sum. What an irony? in the GNH land.


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