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Response to 14, 281 cases of violation and 80 deaths in nine months

The attitude of passang dorji is bad, how can he say he will fix people. His job sounds more of a punishment rather than correction. His thoughts are negative rather than positive.



A total of 3230 cases of traffic violations were reported in 2009, then in following year 3377 cases were registered and in 2010, it increased to 4175.

This is beacuse the Traffic personnels are not following the rules uniformly. For example when we go to paro we dont see drivers making double parking as well as all cars are parked properly in parking area. This is beacuse the Incharge of that area is very particular and checks time n again. If there is any defaulter they will be fined with out any excuse but place like P/ling Drivers hardly follow traffic rules and traffic police dont care too as the head it self is not active in such cases. He just attain some complains and if the defaulter is his friends or relatives he excuese them with out any action.

Agey Haap


Response to A historian and author is DCT’s compass for 2013

DCT is having good numbers of common people and highly qualified President. She deserve to be President and she can lead the nation



Response to Bhutan drops to 111th position in Economic Freedom Index

who are these so-called “Anonymous Bhutanese Prominent Economists”….



Response to Druk Chirwang Tshogpa joins the 2013 race after registering with ECB

All the Best Druk Chirwang Party…



It is nice to know that many young parties are coming into existance… but, knowing it’s difficult to get candidates from all constituencies is the main challenge, why not dedicated new parties unite and make a strong party, rather than registering separately and fighting for scarcity of candidates…

Any ways, all the best for all the new parties… you respect your concerns regarding our new democracy…



Response to “In the four years, the groundwork for autocracy has begun to be laid”

Phub, you write well and you write sense! Please, continue to write and open the eyes of our people! Hope to read more articles from you



Mr. Phub Wangdi, I will not waste any more time reading your article. The topic speaks your intent. Your assignment thus completed should have at least fetched you a pass mark. Just be shameful that wrote the assignment for you while you were cleaning toilets and houses in Australia. Where is your academic ethics? Where is your academic protocol?


You have a right to your opinion wherein your mind is clouded by so much hatred and negativity towards the first democratic government. Opinion indeed that you don’t have any facts and figures to tell us but simply read between lines of government’s functions and policies. And I have a right to my opinion. So there we go. We do not need facts and figures to defame anybody.



its great that one who can clean toilets can also write such exemplary article on bhutan, to build bhutan. its sad that none from the parliament has the guts to go open this way.


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