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Response to ‘OL says Govt’s UNSC bid and foreign policy has damaged Bhutan’s national interests’

Both OL and PM are very capable, talented and well deserving people in the present post. I see them as the best debaters. But, what I also see in them is, they are more concerned about their self, their post and about the upcoming votes. Otherwise, the OL could have supported some of the issues and changes brought by the present government, which never happened. The PM could have responded to the OL’s comment in a respectful manner, but till date I haven’t seen the PM being generous or showing concern for the OL’s words. It could have been different, if few capable people in the nation like the PM and OL could stop personal arguments, stops defaming each other and instead works towards the betterment of the country and its people with respect to each other.

Coming to the post, I guess its right for OL to question the PM but there isn’t any need to call it ill-conceived and misguided when it’s all over. Also the PM doesn’t have to say OL disloyal and unpatriotic, but could have answered OL in a more respectful manner.

By Jamtsho


The opposition seems to think they can criticize the PM and the government at every issue and expect them not to react. If they want to criticize then they should be ready to face criticism as well. Word of advice for the opposition – stop barking and work on your own party. When your own party people leave to join other parties, it says a lot about how they feel about you and your leadership.

By Dorji


Well done and well said, OL. Keep up your good work and balanced analysis. When half of Thimphu, the capital city, forget about whole Bhutan does not get regular water supply, what good is a seat in UNSC. When our health system still prescribes expired or wrong medicines, when we still have to travel via India for traveling east and west and when our country have no money to pay for our debt, what is UNSC?

By Dukduk


Let’s get it right this time. I don’t think UNSC bid was the PM’s pet project. However, if it is, all the citizens should support it. In unsure times like the, Nation’s security and sovereignty should be given high priority, especially, a tiny nation like ours.


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