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Response to ‘New Chinese passport claiming Bhutanese territory unknowingly endorsed by Bhutanese officials’

While the high profile people of Bhutan are busy changing and claiming their maps within Bhutan. Internationally our neighbors are busy changing their international boundaries.

So it is time for the people to work hard for the country and be united and have common goal as said by our beloved kings.



Few days back the news was all over BBC and CNN and even other news channels have how could we sleep through that information is just amazing. We are a rare breed, i truly believe we have to inform the people who are supposed to be responsible ,and paid to do their jobs  then they will surely come up with excuses and “terms” and  ”norms” that this didn’t happen and that should have been done. It’s exhausting to hear such things repeated in every big and small issue with this country.

We deserve better, and it’s upon us to choose the right people for the right jobs.

By Kinley


The border demarcation dispute needs to be addressed ASAP. After all a part has already been taken by China which has changed the map of Bhutan altogether, I wonder what they’ll do next. The Foreign Ministry and the Government as a whole should really look into this and find a solution. They should stand firm on our rights. I wonder what really was the outcome of the 20 meetings that took place in the past, for one I know it did change the map once for the worse. I hope we don’t have to face another setback by being intimated by their economy and power.



Thumbs up for this news. It is news of true patriot. Bring those type of news instead of biased news.



A very good and informative article done by the paper. It is vital that we are aware of what is happening when the whole world is aware of it as the information is all over the internet. China has already many a time said their acts are not ‘expansionism’ as neighboring country’s put it but rather ‘reclamation’.   Our government must resolve this issue at the earliest (not the passport issue but the border dispute). I am sure people in the foreign ministry are paid hefty salaries so it would be great if they can be of some use apart from warming their office chairs.



We need to ask so many questions. On one hand our government is claiming that by contesting in a UN Security Council non-permanent membership seat we would gain a lot of recognition as an independent country, but on the other hand it is an irony that we are unaware of what is happening along our border for our sovereignty. It is sad that we even do not have a Foreign Minister to take this issue. You know the FM is an important post for all diplomatic relationship and it is ridiculous that such an important post could not be given a first priority. Please save our country.

By Kado


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  1. This is a very real issue and not at all a small matter. If, as the FM says, stamping the passport cannot be construed as an endorsement/acceptance of their mapped boundaries, then it seems the Vietnamese and others are wasting their time stamping separate papers for visas:


    I do not think all the nations having territorial disputes with China are angry about the passports for nothing.

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