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Response to ‘Druk Miser Nazhoen Tshogpa joins PDP’

I think it is healthy to have younger people take part in politics. After all, the youth will shape the future of Bhutan’s democracy. However, one thing to be weary of are the impressionable minds of the youth and what ploys parties use to sway them. We want the future politicians of Bhutan to have the utmost   morals and ethics right?


Yes this is good news for democracy. This will definitely boost the strength of PDP. There should be parties with equal or near equal strength to maintain check and balance. Otherwise, a single strong party can lead to autocracy, dictatorship and corruption. Remember absolute power corrupts absolutely. Absolute power is no good for democracy. Here some people; understandably DPT supporters cry foul whenever some good things happened to PDP. But I see no reason to be apprehensive. PDP is no Ngolop or traitor. What has it done to deserve such treatment by Bhutanese people? But if we really care for democracy we should appreciate that strong parties are essential for good health democracy. If you look around, such example abounds that once in power they continue to crave for power and do whatever is necessary to cling to power by even amending constitution in some countries. Let us hope such thing do not happen in Bhutan. Therefore we do need an equally strong opposition party in Bhutan.


Response to ‘A Stabilization Fund to stabilize Bhutan’s Economy’

If you put all the excess liquidity flow into the fund from the sale of hydro power in few years down the line, what about this generation who has to suffer from lack of liquidity to meet personal expenses. I don’t believe that there will be excess flow of money soon as hydro power has to pay substantial amount as loan repayment. What little remains need to be used to improve livelihood of our people all across the country. Hoarding money in a so-called reserve at the expense of people’s livelihood does not make any sense. If you do not care about the current generation then, your savings for the future generation is non-sense. A civil servant with the current salary cannot even build a decent house during his/her lifetime. How long can we keep renting a place? Don’t we deserve to have a share of that revenue in the form of increase in salary or better investment in education, agriculture, roads and so forth? I think it is nonsense to have another fund beside reserves. Foreign reserve already serves that purpose. Why do you need another fund reserve when we already have one? I don’t get it. Money reserves cannot solve rupee problem. There is a need for structural changes in our economy. That is where money should be invested wisely to bring those changes.

By Sonam

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