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Response to ‘DoR work floods Paro airport and turns NEC into a paper tiger’

Just because there seems to be a lapse in managing the mines, it does not mean we demean our much treasured water resources. As pointed out by some colleagues here, is it right for anyone to do the following ? (a) Constrict the river width (b) dig up the entire river bed under the pretext of dredging (c) carry on such adhoc activities and brain wash people saying that it is in the interest of better road and improving security. I pray that we should maintain the pristine Pachhu as a beautiful river and not transform it into an ugly concrete drain. Just because DoR has a valid clearance does not give them the right to spoil and kill our river ecology disregarding all the terms that are spelt out in those clearances.

By Manas


 Response to ‘Construction noise deprives Thimphu residents of sleep’

The government seems to be overactive where it should leave people alone and nonexistent where it should be active.  What ails this little land of so much potential?

By Menda


 Response to ‘Zero tolerance for Honesty’

In one of the dzongkhags i worked, the procurement officer, had his house full of BPBL products from the bed to the TV stand. Funny thing is all the dzongkhag items were ordered from BPBL which means commission plus extra furniture and so open corruption. As the author rightly said, it is not the flaw in the rule or act but it is the flaw more at the stage of implementation and procedure.

By Kharpha


 Response to ‘The power of social media, how will it play 2013?’

It’s human nature. In the US the Republicans are whining while they are out of power, and the Democrats did the same when George Bush was in power.

I believe the DPT party workers were also very active when the PDP was expected to win in 2008. It’s as cyclical as the cycle of life.

By Ap Kado


 Response to ‘Pedestrian Day stays no matter what Cynics, Critics or loyalists say’

I got the opportunity to listen to some of the answers the Honorable Agriculture Lyonpo made yesterday on BBS. While I never had any disagreement with the objective (Environment), I would like to very humbly submit that I quite disagree with most of the justifications not because I belong to some organization or party but because they are simply not ok.

By Dorji  

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  1. nar bdr. gurung

    Youth Issue, Who is Responsible?

    Why do you think youth problems are in rise? Who are responsible for their problems? Don’t you think we are part of their problems? Do we demonstrate good behavior? Who is inflicting bad characters into our youth? Are we behaving properly in front of them? Do we have time to listen to their problems? Do we show enough love and affection that they expect from us? These are some of the questions that need to be addressed. I believe we are absolutely responsible for their problems because we do many unpleasant things in front of them unconsciously and consciously and their little eyes will be always upon us and no sooner they will imitate us and those things will become their habits. For examples at home we will have conflict for the silly reasons and we abuse our language so they will become abusive too, we smoke and drink in front of them so they will also become drinkers and smokers, we tell lie cheaply making empty promises without giving much thoughts so they will also become liars, we sometimes cheat people so they will also become cheats. So how can we expect salt and fresh water from the same stream? A bad tree does not bear good fruit and a good tree does not bear bad fruits. So we ought to give a series thought about it.
    We don’t have time to sit with our children to listen to their beautiful stories, we don’t have time to cheer up our children whenever they do good deeds, we don’t have time to take our children in park or for a walk to have something exciting and refreshing for them. We don’t engage our children meaningfully and fruitfully rather we teach them to be aggressive by letting them play War Games and war movies. We remain busy with our business leaving our children in their own world. We don’t have time to know and solve their problems and we don’t give enough love and affections to our children, do we? To care and to show love to our children is indeed paramount important it should be given first priority then comes other things.
    To guide our children into the right direction is the profound duty of the parents, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, teachers, elders, religious leaders and government, so ultimately it becomes everyone’s job. Our children little eyes will be upon us, for they think we are their guides so they imitate whatever things we do consciously or unconsciously. If we demonstrate good habits they will pick up that but if we practice orgies, adultery, debauchery, malice, envy all these vices will lead our youth to practice unhealthy activities and they will become the victims of all these vices. Because little eyes are upon us they watch us day and night, their little ears are ready to take in every word we say. Their little hands are eager to experiment what we do and the little children who’re dreaming of the day they’ll be like us and we are the idol of them. We are the wisest of the wise in front of them. In their little minds there is no suspicious ever rise. They believe in us devoutly, hold all that we say and do; they will say and do, in our way when they are grown up like us. So how can we become the idol of our little children? Think……
    Psychologists say habits formation takes place at homes, in the communities, in society, at schools, in groups, in the company, at work places, in religious institutions, so if these places are filled with good people our little children without any doubt will become good and there will be no youth crisis. But if transformation of thinking does not take place and if we do not change our attitude we cannot curb the youth problems. A lot of changes are required in each individual to stop youth violence. There are places where our youth are given access to lots unpleasant activities and those places are the breeding centers of the youth problems. These centers should be transformed to have other socially accepted activities such as religious discourse, youth seminars, youth activities, youth organizations etc which will benefit our youth to have healthy activities to transform themselves to become fruitful and productive citizens.
    Nar Bahadur Gurung, VP, Dawakha LSS.

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