Letters to the editor

Response to “Rampant illegal logging in Paro threatens forest cover”

Illegal felling of trees are rampant all over Bhutan, Paro’s problem may not be an isolated one. Thanks to the importers of the power chain saw, who makes the task of illegal felling of trees easier for the thieve lumberjacks and more difficult for foresters to detect. The importers and lumberjacks will go to hell after death. There is no need to reserve a seat for them each, irrespective of their status out here on earth. I believe that the foresters work is not an easy one, but at the same time, they should frequently conduct inspections along the farm roads and remote villages, where these illegal activities take place. Otherwise, our children will not get to see the trees. Trees will become dinosaurs for them!


So much for our 71 or so percent forest cover. If we actually did a proper scientific study our forest cover must be much less.

Glorified Clerk


Response to “Eight Candidates join DNT”

DNT’s eight new candidates seem relatively stronger than what DCT or even BKP has shown so far. As of now looking at the candidates and the party structure PDP and DNT seem to be on top. However, these two parties should be open to a merger in case one of them doesn’t make it to the final rounds. Their real target should be the so far invincible DPT.



I know Dr Singye Namgay and Yeshey Penjor very well. They are good people with good intention. I wish two of them all the best.



Response to “25 Areas for action by DCT if it wins the 2013 race”

I will certainly vote for DCT as I believe in Aum Lily Wangchuk. She is an inspiration for many young people. God bless her and DCT.


While DCT’s 25 points must be appreciated they should also formulate their stand on issues like rupee crunch, credit crisis, Gyelpozhing, Trowa Theater, foreign policy and others. Also while DCT was the first party to be registered it does not seem to have enough heavyweights in the party apart from Lily herself. If DCT is serious about taking on DPT then they should get some more strong leaders in the party. But these are early days and DCT is still a contender.


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