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Reactions to the Gyelpozhing Verdict on The Bhutanese website and Facebook

When a person is caught buying or selling tobacco  he or she is sentenced to lavish sentences by the court but people who are guardians of our country like the Speaker and Minister break His Majesty’s Kashos and indulge in forgery and  fraud are sentenced to bailable sentences. When low officers in the Ministry of Education and Banks are caught in embezzlement and forgery they are sentenced to long sentences.

I think our country is now clearly and visibly divided into two castes of the rich or powerful and the poor.I won’t be surprised if something unheard of happens in our country where poor people will take justice into their own hands.

Give No Happiness Get No Happiness

No hard feelings but I am not happy with the Verdict, why should government take back the allotted plot. If this is the case those peoples who were jailed for misused funds should be released after getting back the misused amount

Haap Wangchuk

Justice Prevails….!! Bravo….the Faith of a common man restored in the judicial system.

Menuka Namnu 

The Bhutanese did a good job. Need to bring more “BIG” fish in. A small first step to make this country corruption-free.

Sonam Kelzang

The Mongar District Court has passed a verdict on the Speaker and Home Minister Minjur. But my real concern is that when people misuse their powers at this extent and get away with such light sentencing. Many people will think it’s just a slap on the wrist and do it. If we want strict laws unlike the stupid Tobacco law which has sentenced our fellow citizens to 3 years in prison without bail, corruption should be much more, for this affects the entire society. Corruption is like a cancer, once it spreads in our society it will be the death of all the good that we as people of our Nation stand for. We need laws like in Singapore when it comes to corruption. We need deterrence to stop such acts. Few years for corruption and 3 years for the Tobacco, come on somewhere something has gone wrong. I do hope that the next party that forms the government and all the MP’s that will be elected will take corruption seriously and make sure that it’s just not a slap on the wrist for the corrupt.

Ap Drukpa

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