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Response to ‘Mongar court passes guilty verdict on Gyelpozhing land case’

The Speaker in his interview on BBS said they were responsible for the appointment of the ACC people and when they get re-elected they needed to review the performance of ACC as in his opinion it was dissatisfactory. What a terrible blow to our democracy don’t you think?


We are proud of The Bhutanese for making public the Gyelpozhing land scam. Without the efforts and courage of The Bhutanese, we would not know about this massive corruption.

We are also proud of Dasho Neten for strong leadership and guiding her team to success. JYT should assume responsibility for leading smear campaign against The Bhutanese, ACC and the Bhutanese people.


As a responsible citizen of Bhutan, I am deeply disappointed to know how lightly Monger court has taken this issue. The 2-and-half-year jail sentence for the main culprit and 1-year sentence for the accomplices is really a funny drama. Does it mean that our future leaders can repeat the same practices and when convicted, pay Nu.36, 000 or Nu.90, 000 in lieu of the prison term and escape?.

Justice of Peace

Money power comes into play. See in India the Telecom minister went to jail. We talk bad about Indians but they do send their corrupt ministers to jail.

The verdict was crafted in a manner that the judiciary saves its face and the government along with ministers too. Sad day for the Judiciary to succumb to politics.



Response to ‘Bhutan and India signs US$100 mn currency swap agreement’

This Rupee crisis has been a long drawn issue with a lot of finger pointing from the MoF to RMA and vice versa. I think the common citizen is yet to understand the long term implications nor are we wiser in terms of an “effective” solution.All we hear is RMA saying that the MoF has not taken enough fiscal measures and the MoF blaming the RMA.


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