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Response to, ‘RAA uncovers massive overpayments and illegalities in construction of Domestic Airports by MoIC – Part 1’

It is sad our country is falling in the hands of corrupted people. As per the information I got BEC is lowest bidder and they should give project to them as they are really good in DBM and AC works, Dhadgari to Chisopani road blacktop done by BEC is better than the airport one. This is just my observation.


I am surprised that RAA has taken out a detailed report and got it published. Why did they not do that with the Lottery Report? They refused to hand the Audit report to OL and ACC. RAA must be transparent and not be picky about the different cases. Why are they not following up with ACC for closure of Bhutan Lottery? Such huge revenues lost by the government. Who is responsible? People must be held accountable and they should not protect the corrupt.


All the top guys need to be changed. If people are in the same posts for long then we are allowing corruption. Regular check and balances is needed.


I will be interested to read the second and even more other stories. What is going on in the country? Who is accountable?  Thanks to The Bhutanese for this news. It is vital to update the society of the corrupt people involved and all must be punished!


I even don’t understand, in the first place, the need of having an airport in Gelephu, when we don’t have a good network of roads and transportation system, and when we already know its limited scope in a place like Gelephu. The money spent on this airport could have been well spent, in good faith and fixing the basic necessities first, on doubling the national highways and construction of new roads. This would have brought much more benefit to the common man in terms of comfort, less travel time, less road accidents, and improving and increasing access of more people to better transportation. Honestly speaking, this Gelephu airport may benefit less than even one percent of our population although the amount used for it is a huge proportion of the country’s resources.


Response to ‘DPT supporters withdraw Petition to the Supreme Court’

That Gyembo is a relative of the Speaker.No wonder he was coordinating the “appeal group”. “People of Trashigang”? Really? All the people? The majority? Or just their relatives and few supporters? Common, don’t generalize. I am not sure if even 20% of Trashigangpas feel what Gyembo and gang feel.


This is democracy! Everyone has right to do anything .All of us are sons and daughters of villagers. If there are no villagers, Bhutan will not even exist.




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