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Response to ‘Domestic Airports Scam – Part 3: Millions wasted in illegal overpayments, substandard works and violation of tender rules in Bathpalathang Airport’

If the RAA draft report is true, and I believe at least 70% would be it is apparent why Bhutan remains a developing country despite planned development since 1961. We have this kind of people in our government and in the private sector. People who will rob our state money at the slightest opportunity. K4 and K5 must be very saddened to see such kind of people as their subjects.

As for Lyonpo Nandalal’s response to BBS yesterday, it was unprofessional for a minister to straight away accuse the Bhutanese paper as intrusive or ill-motivated. He was trying to beat around the bush and take away the subject to another issue instead of politely acknowledging the situation and saying he will see what went wrong.


This is all due to political pressure we can say. The DCA was pressed and stressed to complete the work by the minister and DPT govt within their term. This is very funny indeed. How can we have 3 domestic airports completed within 2 to three years? Unlike here in Bhutan, just planning & consultation works itself need minimum of a year before executing the work. This is how the quality of work and infrastructure has been compromised. Unprofessionalism thrives in such conditions.


It is sad to read news like this in our country where our DPT assures zero tolerance to corruption. What is sadder is the fact that this happens in every ministry but those responsible are not held accountable and they walk around proudly with those expensive cars and big buildings. I feel sad on hand when i work hard and contribute for the development of our country but others take millions of our tax money. Make profit but do quality work, don’t just think of making yourself rich over night GNH


All these people should be given a very harsh punishment, despite of our country facing problems in regards to financial status where we are paying so much interest after borrowing; these people are simply eating away our country’s economy through corrupt practices.

Divine madman

It is a matter of serious concern that seed of corruption is geminating faster than the GNH. Let us all get together to weed out corruption before GNH gets infested with corruption.




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