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MoIC responds on Domestic Airports issue

MOIC hereby issues this statement: It will not respond to media reports that have been carrying unauthenticated information about the construction of the domestic airports, but to place in context what appears to be a targeted misinformation drive against individuals and the government agencies.

One newspaper, and sections of BBS news, have been quoting and reproducing verbatim, a premature RAA observation. We would like to inform the public that, since this audit observation, MOIC and DCA have had three formal meetings and a number of informal discussions with the RAA. MOIC has also handed over to the RAA numerous government documents in response to RAA’s initial observations.

It is unfortunate that an incomplete audit report is in the possession of a media house, obviously with ulterior motives. The media have ignored the most basic tenet of journalism, that is to seek the opinion of an organization or individual it is writing about. In an age when even school children are taught to verify information we do not consider such information news and such organizations professional media organizations.

MOIC is not responding to the media because it is not appropriate to conduct an auditing process through the media. The official period given to the Ministry to respond is not over. Discussing the matter in the media is inappropriate and unethical at this stage. We appreciate the fact that the majority of Bhutanese media have enough sense of professionalism to wait until there is a formal audit report.

MOIC will respond to all media when the official exchange with the RAA is over and RAA’s report is released. We will then share our views and also decide on our action in respect of the deliberate attempts made to misinform and influence the Bhutanese public.

Ministry of Information and Communications


Editors Note: The Bhutanese in its first three issues clearly mentioned that the report being published was a draft. In the fourth issue this paper published the final Audit report incorporating the MoIC and Department of Civil Aviation’s explanations, most of which, was not accepted by RAA. This same RAA report was shared with heads of various public agencies including the PM’s office and the ACC office. The paper also mentioned that the ministry had till March 31st to give an action taken report on the RAA report and any additional justifications. The attempt by this paper to get a response from the MoIC on this report was not successful as the ministry refused to comment. The MoIC minister in an interview with another media outlet also stated his stand of refusing to comment on the report.

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