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Response to ‘Indifferent Ministry and careless contractors mess up Nu 30 mn renovation of Pangrizampa Monastery’

It is not the problem of procurement rules. The rules are clear and stringent. The problem lies with the engineers who take up this project. They are supposed to come up with structurally sound design and monitor the construction all round. That is where they have failed to execute their responsibilities. Instead most engineers collaborate with contractors in return for some illegal payments or gifts. It is rampant in all construction. By Sonam

This is actually the reflection of the quality of governance we have. Look at our roads. Oh I cannot describe their conditions. Very, very, poor all round. So what is happening? Who is in control? Where is the accountability? Nothing! By Wisdom

The problem lies in the system in some cases the contractors specially the small and medium ones submit the rates way below the estimates as low as 50%. Here, if we do not award the work to the lowest bidder again there is objection from the concern agencies like audit, and other watch dogs but everyone knows that the work will suffer and the contractor will run into losses. On the other hand the A grade contractors collude and quote rates as high as 50% above the department estimates. By Laksam

The practice of giving work to the lowest bidder is not a universal truth. For any project, an estimate that is very reasonable in terms of assuring quality for the project as well as reasonable profit for the contractor would have been already made by the concerned government agency. If for instance all bidders bid below that figure, all will be disqualified and re-tender is done.   By Nidu

Response to ‘Government goes out of its way to bail-out the ‘White Elephant’

This government has spent billions on infrastructure that doesn’t even last for a year and the brunt of its failures, including the INR crisis which is directly connected to over-spending and under-supervision, has to borne by us citizens in the form of increasing restrictions just to make up for this governments failure, especially in the economic front. The citizens of Bhutan are in fact bailing out this government. Every shoddy work of this government has been exposed one by one. Has this government completed even one project successfully and without any corruption? NO! By Tatogpa

By the way the best option now would be to give the IT Park to some ministries and move the ministry there. Best would be MOIC so that IT Park it can be at least utilized for better. Else give it to agriculture ministry to start a dairy farm.  By Nagagidruk







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