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Response to, ‘Growing inflation pushes down value of Nu 100 in 2008 to Nu 75 in 2012’

Whatever politicians or economist may say, but for a poor layman like me I can feel the pinch that i no longer can afford to have a good three square meals and a comfortable standard of shelter as i used to a 5-6 years back. GNH sounds loud but I am still struggling to embrace it.



The DPT government had turned a blind eye towards housing crunch. The Tenancy Act was a big flop that never used.

Long live the Tenancy Act on the shelves.

Passang Dorji


In spite of rampant inflation and rising living costs, the government did not do anything to address this issue for us common people. How come the personal income tax rates lowest limit is still 1 lakh which was the calculation done 12 years ago in 2001? Even in India -where things are cheaper than Bhutan- has recalculated their lowest income tax slab rate in tune with inflation and rising costs of living over the past decade. Maybe our government does not care that what one family could make do per annum with 1 lakh in 2001 is now just not possible?



Response to, ‘Land Commission rejects govt proposal to sell Trowa theater land’

Kudos, to the Land Dispute Settlement Committee. Such brave acts contribute to building trust in the laws and systems of the nation.



In Bhutan the rich and powerful people always prevail. Laws are equal on paper only. Even with democracy things are not improving. People think there are two laws in the country which should not be the case. We are helpless. So we better change the government and see which party does better.



It is clear that the owner did not pay because he was charged much higher than the market rates. If I were in his position, I would have done the same.



Justice is all about fairness but more often than it is not. This is because if you have money & power the law is at your disposal. Our law is good in the books but there are provisions kept for manipulation even in the book of law. That is during the implementation stage that it fails every time. The rich, the powerful and mostly the corrupted are all united either through marriage, friendship or some linkage therefore even the law cannot do anything to them .It is only the common people who suffer.


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