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 Response to ‘The shortcomings of the incumbent DPT government that could cost it the 2013 race’

I agree that the government has pumped in lot of money in building rural infrastructure including gewog connectivity. However the gewog connectivity stands only in paper. My village is connected with feeder road but the feeder road is not worth using. The contractor has siphoned huge funds by constructing a very steep and narrow road. Forget about summer we cannot even use the road during winter as two vehicles cannot pass at a time from opposite direction in most of the places.



In next edition I wish to see the list of DPT good deeds from your point of view although it’s loudly stated in Lyonchhen’s report. So that i can weigh the magnitude of both and decide my prospect towards DPT.                                                                              Concerned Citizen

This is a short effective & true reminder to the civil servants and the educated lot. I hope it is our responsibility to convey & disseminate to all the electorates living in the rural areas. Hope many who are in the town areas know about their ill tenure. Let us begin a new era with true democratic culture.



If DPT supporters having something good to say about their accomplishment in the last five years, please bring it forward. If you just assume that they have done well then it is a void statement. What is good in building farm roads to every village when most of these roads remain inaccessible throughout the year? What is the good of building many airports if runways start cracking after few months? What is the good of building IT park fortress when it still remains empty? What is the good of GNH conferences abroad when those very preachers do not practice it, instead filled with insatiable greed back home? What is the good of paying huge amount of dollars to McKenzie for mere advices, if the very publication document is not available for public scrutiny? What is the good of spending money on unnecessary UNSC campaign, when the very money if spent for Wangdiphodrang dzong fire hazard protection could have saved our lost historic treasures? What more do you want to hear…..Let us know if you have something good, please. Otherwise do not just fool with the people of Bhutan.


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