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Response to, “Prime Minister in violation of rules allotted Prado to a Grade 5 officer”

What upsets me is not because the PM gives his secretary a government Prado, but because the PM has again disregarded the constitution, the financial rules and regulations and gone against His Majesty the Kings sole prerogative of granting Kidus.
He has become so arrogant that he thinks and behaves as though he is above the law.
The PM has time and again broken laws to favor those close to him, at the expense of the government and country. This is a bad precedence, dangerous and unacceptable.
Mani Kumar Thapa

DPT said they are rather more worried that some people are stooping to the lowest common denominator to sow discord and bring about discontentment.
“The divulging of incomplete and un-finalised public documents has compromised the integrity of so many civil servants, and now it has not even spared the palace,” DPT said. “If indeed any information has come from a source from within the highest office in the land, it is deeply worrying that the security of His Majesty the King himself may have been compromised.”
This is taken from Kuensel dated 30th April.I think this should be proof enough that they did ask for soelra from the King
Response to, “CBI says Bhutan government had not cooperated on lottery scam investigation”

Closing down the Lottery Business in the pretext of bad image for the country by the DPT government is like “burning down your own house to get rid of the rats”. Definitely big fishes are involved here and they need to be brought to task somehow or the other.

I cannot forgive DPT for this great opportunity lost because of their misdeeds. In most other countries lottery businesses are the best businesses for any state. It is profitable and very successful business if administered properly. It has the potential to bring billions of Rs to our country. Because of the kindness and support of GoI and people of India, we were given a huge opportunity to access the one billion Indian market. We had only captured few states in the south where our lottery was very successful. Imagine, if it could have proliferated into other states of India in the future. Such opportunity was lost because of the DPT government.

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