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Mongar Court Judge says that even   Gyelpozhing plot recipients fall under the criminal case category


Very interesting development. The ball now seems to be in the ACC’s court and it’s up to them to prove they have the courage to ensure a corruption free society.



“So the allotment committee violated the rules, so for what crimes are the people that applied for land going to be charged with, can the Bhutanese please ask the Drangpon to explain. .



Mongar court can prosecute JYT and Yeshey Zimba because they fall under intention, because at the time they were ministers and they knew very well that they were not eligible but they applied and got the land. But in other case they are innocent, so they will fall under unintentional cases.



Many of us feel the court judgment was unfair and sentence for the main convicts should have been more than what they had received. The Judge did not live up to the people’s expectations.



As per the law if a thief sells stolen goods in the market, even the buyer is liable to be prosecuted. My friend recently bought a gas cylinder from someone not knowing it was stolen and now he is facing charges for buying it.

Mani Kumar Thapa



DPT files complaint with ECB against ‘anonymous users’ on social media


This party seems to be full of complaints. They should have righteously filled a complaint against common man in Bhutantimes.com in 2008.



To stop social media and criticism is against the freedom of expression in democracy, and that too during the time of elections.



If DPT is against ACC’s TV promotion to discourage voters from voting for corrupt people, it clearly means one thing – guilty conscience and corrupt candidates.

Mani Kumar


ACC’s task is to prevent corruption and it is normal for ACC to say not to vote for corrupt candidates. DPT is upset because it knows it is a corrupt party. During the Gyalpozhing land scam case JYT made the OAG impotent, undermined rule of law and went to the extent of saying that Speaker and Home Minister did not break the laws. DPT has misused its power to protect corrupt party officials. The damage done by corruption on democracy and small country like ours is irreparable. People are angry with DPT and are expressing it in the social media and will soon express it in the ballot box.


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