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Eight DNT candidates from the East including the President and Vice President agree to join PDP


Very funny, DNT seems to have forgotten that the primary round votes were for the party. With a ready excuse of regional balance and national interest, they’ve managed to nail the coffin no sooner than the party was born. By choosing to go with PDP almost lock stock and barrel, it is now proven that DNT was no more than a strategy with a feel good ideology to fool the voters. Not totally pleased with DPT we may be, but we are not so stupid not to see self-interests however they may be justified. Beware, the ides of July when our thumbs go on the EVM,



I am deeply honoured by the DNT party members for consolidating and honoring the country’s unity and sovereignty first than your own party’s interest. We would regard and pay high respect for such deeds and decision. You are called real leaders and what is more you could offer it to the country. You are the people that the nation needs to keep real spirit and dignity. I am really honoured for being a worried citizen.



The very fact that DNT candidates refused to join the more powerful DPT proves that they were not power hungry. That they chose to join PDP to fight against corruption and tyranny means that they are here to serve the king, people and country. Well done DNT.

Mani Kumar Thapa


Technically swapping of candidates on a large scale can seemingly amount to defection or coalition principles and parties who join another party at this stage of the electoral process is questionable. I feel only the winning candidates from the losing party (DNT) in the primary round should be allowed to swap. For instance, Aum Dorji Choden and Phuntsholing Demkhong candidate JB Rai should be allowed to join the PDP since the people have voted for their candidatures. Letting 8 candidates join PDP at this stage will set a bad precedence for our young democracy.



Dorji Choden, Norbu Wangchuk, Kinley Dorji, Jigme Zangpo especially please join PDP and also please clarify to your people in the East that whichever party comes to power development in the East will not stop.

Drukpa Kinley


PDP as indicated by its party logo is exceptionally good at horse trading. But Bhutanese electorate are unique and unpredictable. In 2008, if I am not mistaken everyone was expecting that PDP will win. But at last DPT won by a huge margin. In the recent primary round, to me it looked like new parties are all against DPT and wanted to oust DPT. Many were expecting DNT to do better than PDP. Yet, DPT won. Now, when PDP is doing horse trading, we never know what is running through the minds of electorates. People might change their minds. Bhutanese minds are too sensitive at times a small flick can overturn other party. PDP don’t be over confident. It is very dangerous.


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