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Response to BKP, DCT, DNT, and PDP all concerned that DPT President’s statements will harm Press Freedom and Democracy in Bhutan


Bhutan is not JY thinley’s country. It is a land that belong to the people of bhutan. People of bhutan have the right to speak and express truth. He still thinks in the feudal society format, but the paradigm shift of today’s society with laws will not let him go free for what he has said. People elected representative are governed by the principle of truth, understanding, wisdom and law. JYT failed the litmus test of enabling leadership. Such deviation could lead to chaos.

The method to test the leaders of sticking to the principles and creating enabling governement is press freedom and free expression. Criminalizing without legal due process to prove the truth is a crime.

In this case , did JYT commit a crime? A case can be filed against him for threatning people and society openly.



I think JYT, the most wise and capable man in Bhutan is equally patriotic as others who claim to be. Therefore, it is under such situation that he sometimes speak so strongly. Freedom of expression does not mean speak anything. Nation comes first before anything. So if anyone has spoken something baseless without proper evidence and analysis, then that person should be fixed. With the coming in of democracy people try to speak and question everything. Sometimes it is too much and just hampers the smooth working atmosphere. No decisions can be good and agreed by all. Someone will be not happy but we need to see that it benefits the larger interests. Sometimes, the way things are happening, I feel that democracy has not come at the right time.



Response to Threatening Free Press

There are countries in the world where press freedom is checked by the government. Those countries are called China, North Korea, Russia, most of the Arab nations – do we also want to join them?



Democracy is for all Bhutanese, JYT is also Bhutanese and he has a right to say/speak/write/warn like this paper writes.



KHOUPO, I don’t think that The Bhutanese newspaper will print anything without evidence. Its office is in Chubachu and if any of you find it untrue anyone of you can visit their office or even drag them to court. Its a great honor to have someone who brings the facts to the people.



DPT wants 100% Bhutanese people to support them. They want media to inform all the positive aspects of DPT and their leaders, every Bhutanese voters to vote for them, all the senior civil servants to stay quiet and simply support them ( if not they are black listed).



We have chosen a very bad political leader in 2008, but we know who is capable now.



Who cares if DPT President charges the media. Let him know that undone is not written, only truth is jotted.


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  1. I want to inform all the bhutanese people about the origin and timeline of democracy in the world. Americans and europeans boast they invented democracy system in the world. It is not so. The fact is as follows:

    1.Some form of democracy was practised by King Bharata of the Suryavamsha dynasty in India before Kaliyuga started. Kaliyuga started on 18th Feb midnight of 3101 BC.

    2.Then for a long time it was forgotten. Then Lord Buddha introduced it and practiced among his Sangha. For example some disciples requested the Lord to choose his attendant. Buddha refused. Then the disciples gathered, discussed the issue and then elected Ananda “kun-dgal-vo” as the attendant. This was in 527 BC. The Lord was born in 563 BC (563-29-6-1).

    3.Again it was forgotten for a long time. Then during pre-Gupta’s period, India was in turmoil politically, socially and economically and spiritually. Then in the midst of this turmoil, Sri Gupta was elected as the 1st king of Gupta dynasty in 250 AD. The Gupta dynasty with 17 kings ruled upto 550 AD.

    4.Later someone took this election idea to America and finally landed in the brain of Abraham Lincon who then elebaorated and implemented in the States. From there the democracy idea spread to the world including India.

    5.We bhutanese knew it recently only. In bhutan we are garteful that our beloved 4th Maharaja conceived it and handed over to the people of bhutan as a “cintamani”=norbu dgos-‘dod-dpun-‘joms.
    So let us cherish and implement properly and request our 2 presidents to practice in spirit and cooperation.

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