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Ex-Education Minister’s wife bought land near Education City site while Ex-PM Jigmi Y Thinley, Yeshey Zimba’s wife and Ex-Speaker Jigme Tshultim own land nearby

DPT President and his Ministers flatly denied having land around the Education City. Then what is this then. Whether the land is in their or their spouse’s name, what is the difference ? Please don’t lie to the people of Bhutan.



I would like to see what DPT president and ministers got to say about this. It looks like they moved heaven and earth for this project to get through despite a lot of controversies and lot of people against it. Now it looks like they selected the very place and pushed the project mainly to suit their desires and fulfill their wishes. I can imagine what benefits and value it brings to their land and properties when the mega project is completed.



Now i can reason myself why DPT govt is flatly insisting that the education city must be built. That too at the present location. There are so many reasons why education city can flop, but still, it seems, DPT ministers want to try their luck which so much resources of the country at stake. Alas! poor citizens do not know this.

As a ordinary citizen, i can do nothing but watch the drama of DPT unfolding. If this is what every politician who come to power wants to do, the future of Bhutan is at stake.

Save Bhutan


That is why Dasho Jigme Zangpo from Mongar pointed out during recent debate, that Education City can be opened at Youngphula where there are about 2000/- acres of government land beside it can bring balanced development in the region.



Anyway, if all the powerful, rich & influential buy a lot of good land, where will our children will buy land in future. Poor people will not have space to keep its legs after 50-100 years.

I think our national ceiling of 25 acres should be reduced to 5 acres. In this way we may be able to keep some space for future children & grandchildren. Why 5 acres -we poor people cannot buy even 1 plot (4686sqft) whereas the wealthy and the healthy can afford to buy even 100’s of acres.

When it is 25 acres ceiling -father will buy 25, his sons if will buy 75 acres, 2 daughters can buy 50 acres. So a single family can buy 150 acres. This way Bhutan’s land will be grabbed by the powerful, influential and rich. Therefore sons and daughters of poor family’s (real namchung) will have nothing after 50-100yrs. Therefore, next Govt whether DPT or PDP should review on this fervent request.




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