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Response to ‘Many chinks in the Gyelpozhing armor’

There is someone at least making a history of uncovering the highest level of corruption involving highest gentleman for the first time in history, which is the work of the so called ACC which they gladly and willingly failed to do so. Why this case is so important is that it will set an example in our country that even if the PM is involved in corruption he can be arrested.

This case is so important that it will determine our future of corruption free society and tell every Bhutanese that from peon to PM, all will be prosecuted.

The outcome of this case will tell me what future I want to give to my children as talking and selling GNH concept to western countries is not enough.

Old ministers should be thoroughly scrutinized for their unimaginable wealth gained by exercising their power.

By Yangzom


A fantastic piece of news article.  The issue seems to run much deeper than it appears on the surface. Hope other media outlets too will do their side of the stories. The story exposes how deep and well connected /orchestrated everything is in our happy country!

As for the town planning, the final verdict always lay with the urban planning/central line ministry and not with the Dzongkhag.

As a citizen, I feel deeply concerned with the way things are today. The worst thing is such practices are done mostly by the educated, powerful and influential!

By Citizen


Excellent and factual by The Bhutanese, well done. One question the paper needs to ask PM and the cabinet is why only a few select people out of six lakh Bhutanese were persuaded to apply for a plot in Gyelpozhing. If there is some opportunity like that, it has to be publicly announced and fair opportunity has to be given to all either to apply or to participate in the lottery. Only silently persuading the influential people and those too cabinet ministers and other highly influential people to apply for plots and then these law-making people accepting the plots is gross and open corruption.

By Kinley


PM’s justification of the Dzongda asking influential people to invest in Gyelpozhing is a childish excuse. We know everyone is eager to own a piece of land where they grew up. We would have applied for the plots too, after the allotment of plots to local license holders and the previous landowners, local people should have been given a chance. We know these rich people in Thimphu thought it is a good opportunity for them to mint money. PM should have been better off keeping silent rather than giving the most stupid excuses, he thinks we are fools or what?

By Dema

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