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Response to Denchi residents unhappy with delayed compensation

Does this media have a sense of change? It’s less interesting to read the same story again and again and again. If this is your approach perhaps you will bore your readers, I understand and still hold that this is the best media, but your prestige fades now. Next time you have the same story expect many more people expressing my views.

By Bhutan


In Bhutan, influential person’s relatives in the Dzongkhags always were favored by the Government officials. It is just that, it is coming in the open because of non biased papers like The Bhutanese.

By Dema


The whole story of Denchi township right from the site selection, planning and now land compensation is at flaw. I am from Pemagatshel myself though living in Thimphu. Let me explain the process.

There is a vested interest in the selection of the site even though Denchi is not the best option. The better option would be the present town itself. There are enough land/areas if planned properly and if protection measures for landslides were put in place. The school area, hospital area and other areas with mild slope is more than enough to accommodate the growth of Pemagatshel for the next 50 years. In that way, there is no need to build a new Dzong, no need to build road to the new town and no cost for land compensation, no cost for other infrastructure. Government would have saved billions of Ngultrums. The new site is selected because PM’s Aunt and other influential people have big chunk of land at Denchi. The planning is biased and the foreigner planner Christopher was engaged to prepare the plan (some say it was done free of cost). There are a whole lot of issues that will come out if deeper digging is carried out in the whole process of site selection planning and compensation.

By Yangchen


Response to ‘Mine, not everybody’s business’

I for one am never in favor of mining in Bhutan. It is not only against our religion where we believe all mountains, lakes and forest are the abode of the Gods where they have hidden treasures for the benefit of all future sentient beings, particularly Buddhists. However, it is very sad that licenses are issued indiscriminately to exploit the natural resources in the name of development. If one weighs the cost and the benefits from this exploitation, it has a 100 percent negative effect on the economy, society and spirituality of the Bhutanese. The major beneficiaries from these exploitations are the ‘Marwaris’ and ‘Biharis’ from across the border who have no mercy on our environment whatsoever other than to maximize their profit with the help of few greedy Bhutanese which they can easily lure with some commission which would amount to almost nothing from their turnover.

With the above example, I would think apart from few quarries for domestic purposes, all mining should be stopped completely until we have our own technical expertise to gauge the pros and the cons.

By Samdrup


Response to ‘La Aum Lyonchhen’

I don’t care who the future Prime Minister is. I won’t support a woman for premiership just because she is woman. If she is competent and visionary nothing is better than a woman.

By Dorji

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  1. I would like to thank TheBhutanese News paper for highlighting the scam related to gelposhing. The cats are out of box. No body can defend it. It would have been better had DPT accepted it and returned the land to the rightful owner. But i believe it is too late. Some people are owning land less than 2 acres and it is sad that those people involved did not respect the words that came down from Golden Throne. That is the saddest part being bhutanese.

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