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Response to, ‘Staggering lapse in hospital procedures puts a life on high risk’ 

In the article ‘Staggering lapse in hospital procedures puts a life on high risk, published on August 31 issue of The Bhutanese, I was shocked that my name was unnecessarily dragged into the story.


Firstly, I had nothing to do with the particular incident. I fail to see any reason or rhyme for the reporter to mention that I was given all the attention by the hospital Staff when in the first place I wasn’t there at Paro, forget about being in the hospital.


Secondly, the reporter could have contacted me to confirm the allegations made by DorjiLham.It would have instantly cleared the fog. My understanding is that the Bhutanese’s editorial rules allow for balanced views from both the parties, and its quite disappointing that the paper has not done so in this case.


Thirdly, the story has portrayed that the hospital staff gave me special treatment just because I am an actor. In so doing, the newspaper has not only undermined the integrity of the hospital staff but also put me in a bad light. I have always availed any public service like any other ordinary citizen.


We expect better editorial discretion from a credible newspaper like The Bhutanese.





A dentist once made a mistake while cleaning my teeth and said I have to do root canalling, after finishing that she made a mistake said I have to take out the tooth completely, how can one even think of taking out the front tooth. The pain was unbearable.

This is the standard of our Thimphu dentist, later on I went to Imtrat hospital, the Major dentist helped me until I got an opportunity to travel to Bangkok and fixed it. For 6 months the Indian dentist helped me to keep my tooth covered with cotton as the JDWNRH hospital dentist made a big hole behind the tooth.

I thank the Indian dentist who really helped me to ease the pain, as only one who has the experience of tooth pain will know my pain.

I feel that the most corrupted people are hospital people they think that dealing with a patient is a routine job and even one or two dies then it doesn’t make much difference to them.

Another time I went to visit my friend’s mother who was in emergency, I was denied access into the hospital and after much plea when I managed to get in what I saw next completely shocked me. I accidentally looked into the glucose bottle and saw that it was past 8 months expired, I immediately told my friend and we informed the nurse attended, she calmly said it is no problem and changed it only after much insistence.

Since then i don’t go to JDWNRH hospital, I always went to the IMTRAT hospital

We respect doctors as god and completely leave our health to them and if this is what and how we are treated then I am very sad.

By Yangzom



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