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Response to ‘Controversial Chinese buses in town, now for the spare parts’

The issue is about corruption. First of all, the government has a standing position about any business that has no set up. They are known as brief case businesses and the government actively excludes them from participating in tenders.

Even printers are supposed to have a press in Bhutan. All businesses big or small must have some relevant set up. Here we have a massive investment in buses and the winners, both of them, don’t even have a third class mechanic working for them.

Secondly, BBS’s report gave 15minutes of airtime to the Bhutan Post MD to allow him to deny the corruption, but nobody from the complaining companies were heard. Enough time has passed for the RAA to at least give their view on whether it is a corruption case. Otherwise all we hear is the MD denying everything on BBS.It does not help to generate any confidence in the integrity of our government officials.

By Bhutanman


Buses are very beautiful, spacious and should be far safer than those ugly Indian buses. Minus the corruption (if any) i am very pleased with the new entry of Chinese buses. All city buses should be replaced with such buses. Let Thimphu look like a beautiful city for once!

By Passu


Response to ‘BICMA findings show that ‘bad behavior’ allegations against reporters are untrue’

It is time that our school teachers change their attitudes and guide their students on the profound path of GNH so that eventually both teachers and students become supreme beings able to distinguish truth from falsehood.

By Lama


Response to ‘GNH in itself is not elitist’

I think Dasho Karma Ural makes ample sense. He is not actually countering the relevant points of Dr David but tackling only some of the extreme points and acknowledging that we need to open ourselves to external views also. Some readers here who complain the article is very heavy need to improve their IQ levels instead of Dasho Karma Ura having to lower his IQ.



This rebuttal of sorts from our GNH expert Dasho Karma Ura, with due respect fails to precisely answer the question that a common man on the street would ask. His answers are mostly academic and intellectual speculation on what the concept ought to mean rather than how practically it can be related to a common citizen on the street and how it is been implemented in our country. How does this answer the growing gap between rich and poor, income inequality, un-employment, corruption, rising economic challenges, basic necessity for all citizens etc ? Its one thing to be bombarded with flowery jargon and quite another to be at the doorway of reality which many a times contradicts the very ideas that GNH espouses. It’s for every citizen to see and judge the good, bad and the ugly picture of our country without biases and then we might probably agree that we have miles to go before raving and ranting about GNH to all and sundry. Yet again as a citizen, i feel GNH and its proponents mean well but that does not mean it is a reality.

By Thought


When Bhutanese society becomes free of hypocrisy and deceit GNH will sprout by itself. All Bhutanese farmers are mentally and physically prepared to nurture the root of GNH but politicians, bureaucrats and business tycoons must equally prepared in weeding out corruption first. The corruption situation in Bhutan as reported by media houses is alarming and we are now in a big confusion after introduction of democracy. We still prefer the monarchy if the trend goes on as it is today.

By Brogpa

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