Response to ‘BPCL clarifies the city bus tender issue, Bidders still unconvinced’


Why don’t the concerned authorities conduct a full scale enquiry into this issue? To me it very much looks like a corruption case where both the PM and MoIC minister are involved. I remember an earlier decree by the Cabinet whereby again their relatives supplying medium range vehicles benefitted. This is shameful and totally unacceptable.

By Sonam Ugyen


Response to ‘HM grants land Kidu in Wangduephodrang’


Your Majesty is a blessing to our villagers and the common folk. Thank you for being there for us in these trying times. We know that the future of our children is at least secured.A humble citizen and a proud Bhutanese.

By Ugyenla


Response to ‘PDP – stay or go?’


The PM raised a pertinent point regarding what happens if a party becomes financially defunct. The ECB rules require a party to be financially solvent to be eligible. But what happens with a company becomes bankrupt? The company can file for bankruptcy and the share holders can invest in another company.

So what is wrong if the PDP were to file for bankruptcy and start a new party? What is wrong with that? What is the point of bringing down eligible candidates? So that we can have JYT and Co back again and again? Democracy is about having choices and we should not lose sight of the larger picture even though we’re being brought down to a very petty level by none other than the PM.

By Ap Kado


Response to ‘Education Consultancies promise much and deliver little’


The responsibility of monitoring falls on the MoE. Let us not only blame the consultancies as they are service providers and they will want to maximize their profits anyhow. MoE is talking about grade A & B colleges & recognized Universities. Good, now also talk about proper implementation of these rules, fixing responsibility & accountability to consultancies, etc…so that they are fully accountable and liable for any misinformation, cheating or falling short in their commitments.

By Buddha


Response to Trowa Theatre – a story that is not entertaining


Dear Mr. Sonam Kinga thanks for sharing your opinion regarding the Trowa theatre. It is a clear example of nepotism, misuse of power, authority and influence and above all it is an example of great corruption existing in our system. ACC is granted with the power; therefore, they should use it. Law is law be it the owner of the orchid seller at centenary farmer’s market or the Trowa theatre owner. God bless Bhutan; what will happen to the poor citizens if leaders do such things.

By T. Phuntsho

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