Response to “Tariff hike to hit ordinary consumers hard”


The meltdown of the economic crisis of the Europe or global economic recession did not affect the Bhutanese population in general but it is slowly creeping in and it will definitely affect us making us poorer now.

We the public want to know what is the basis for the increase in the tariff when we are already exporting electricity at a cheaper rate than we pay? If the reason for the BPC & DHI is to generate more revenue for further investment through export and proper usage of the electricity I feel it is morally wrong for the decision making body. The hike in the tariff will have the following implications


1. Due to hike in the electricity it will have far reaching implication in on the commodities in general where electricity is a prerequisite for manufacturing.

2. The manufacturing company requiring electricity will have to pay more charges forcing them to shut down. This will have negative impact on employment opportunities both for the employer and employee.

3. The middle income group will have to dig deeper into their pockets and have to pay more than 50% percent of their salary and other loans. They will get malnourished and look for other source of income by any means. The promise of raising salary is to pay the hike in tariff.

4. The hike seems to be aimed at generating funds for 25% of the Capital budget required to fund the DPTs manifesto. This will make Bhutan an abundant energy country with a poorer population.

5. The green Bhutan would be walking back to use more fossil fuel or woods.

6. If it is for investment into bigger projected why not wait for other power projects to be completed.

7. The price hiked will not and never again be brought down…it is sure.

8. If BPC wants to ensure power saving why not distribute electricity saving bulbs.

9. The Hike will only increase the profit levels of BPC to declare bonuses to the staff and management and improve the image of the company high leaving the larger section of the population already poor even poorer.

I hope any authority approving the rate would see the broader picture and not only the two reasons for revenue generation and proper usage of power.


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