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Response to ‘Bhutan gets 20 out of 193 votes in UNSC elections’

“Bhutan did better than many other losing contestants. Bigger countries like Cuba, Barbados and Congo got only one vote each while Tanzania got around three votes”. Those countries were not contestants! Rwanda and Argentina were the only contestants from Africa and South America. The UN’s paper ballot system allows for this type of error.

By Sonam

Luxembourg is elected. Its population is 5 lakh plus and the size of the country is 2,586 square km. It has three official Languages. Nice to know that small countries are well represented in the UN Security Council.

By Bnews

We could have stood a chance, if Nepal, Maldives and Afghanistan were our contestants.

By Deb

Deep economic crisis at home, utter failure at the UN. Where is the government headed for? Who will make the explanations?

By Samphel


Response to Business community submits a Pedestrian Day Impact Report

Both long term positive and negative impacts of Pedestrian day need scientific studies to determine how much loss has been incurred to people and the country by Pedestrian day in one hand and on the other hand the benefit of Pedestrian to the nation. Without proper studies it is difficult to believe benefits of Pedestrian day and it is also equally difficult to believe that Pedestrian day is not benefiting the country as a whole.

Prem Rai Chamling

Response to ‘Patients suffer with no Mental Asylum’

A fraction of GNH centre budget should be sufficient to make a center for the likes of Kali Maya. Even a part of the land could be used.

By Layap


Response to ‘MoE dispatches team to investigate syringe case’

The investigation team should have included a Medical Officer to assess health risks. Besides, these victims must undergo HIV tests after 3 months or later from the day he or she was being pricked by the needle. Hepatitis and other blood investigations are also warranted.

By Norbu

This is so disturbing; no true teacher would dare to resort to such inhumane act. If it is true, the particular Dzongkha teacher’s mental stability needs to be questioned, he must be suffering from serious mental disorder. I feel sorry for those innocent souls of future Bhutan.

By Namgay Wangchuk

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