Lhakhang vandalized, statue destroyed but no clue of suspects

Lhakhang vandalized
Lhakhang vandalized

Police are on the hunt for miscreants who vandalized Akorwog Lhakhang in Gangtey Gewog in Wangduephodrang on 1 March.

The incident was reported to police by the 57-year old Gup of the village after he was informed by the caretaker of the lhakhang.

It was noticed that the bolt of the Lhakhang was cut by a hacksaw.

The upper half body of the statue of Sangay Tempa measuring six feet was destroyed completely. The statue was made out of mud.

Besides destroying the statue, nothing was stolen however police say that they won’t be able to state anything as to what was stolen as nobody knows what the lhakhang had as nangtens.

The lhakhang belonged to the community and every three years the villagers would take turns to be the caretaker.

Police are still investigating the case.

Chencho Dema / Thimphu

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