Lhakhangs being renovated


People in different villages of Nubi gewog in Trongsa are concentrating on lhakhang renovations.The renovation of lhakhangs started since July 2010, 60% of the works at the three-storied lhakhang at Bemjee has been completed.People from 27 households in this village are contributing for the 1.25 mn renovation work in the form of labor. Apart from this, three two-storied village lhakhangs under this gewog are being renovated. too.“People from Karshong, Yulling and Semjee are grateful for being able to renovate their lhakhangs from the constitutional development grants”, said the Nubi Gup, Tashi Penden. The dateline for completion of all the renovation works have been set as June 2012.

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