Lhawang Dorji wins fifth consecutive term as Kana Gup

Kana gewog reelected Lhawang Dorji, 46, giving the veteran local leader his fifth consecutive term as gup and making him perhaps the longest serving local leader in recent times.

Standing from Khagochen chiwog he secured 994 votes of the 1450 cast on September 27, poll day, to beat contender Chador, 44, from Jerugang chiwog. In the primary round on August 16, he secured his nomination garnering 244 votes out of 307 votes cast to beat two other candidates, Nar Badhur Powdel and Phul Maya Katwal.

Kana gewog has 510 households with a population of 3,674, of which more than 2,000 are eligible to vote. It has five chiwogs: Lhaling, Khagochen, Pungshi, Jerugang and Namchegang.

After completion his secondary education and doing transport service business he contested for gup and was elected for the first time in 2002. Since then he has won four consecutive termsincluding his most recent win.

Lhawang said his priority would be to extend farm roads to Bartsa and Namgegang village, the most remote parts of the gewog. “I believe road is one core factor for rapid development,” he said. “In the past decade lot of development has taken place to provide electricity, drinking water, irrigation channel, expansion and maintenance of school and Basic Health Unit (BHU) but there is lot to do in agriculture and this can be enhanced through farm road.”

One of most challenging tasks in serving as gup since 2002 has been balancing the expectations of the people with the amount of budget provided by the government, Lhawang Dorji said.

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