Lhuentse elects incumbent Tempa Dorji for another five-year term

As an assertion of confidence and loyalty by the people of Lhuentse to its incumbent NC member, Tempa Dorji has been re-elected for another five-year term in the National Council. He won after securing a total of 2,569 votes, of which 1,604 votes were through EVM and 965 votes came through the postal ballot.

Tempa Dorji said it was the trust bestowed by the people of Lhuentse that secured him another term in the Upper House. “People believed in me, for my simplicity, honesty and truly considered me as one of the locals or their own, and I’m grateful,” said Tempa Dorji.

He holds a Master of Science degree in Electrical Power Engineering, and he worked as a divisional manager at Bhutan Power Corporation before joining the National Council.

Tempa Dorji said that his main focus onwards is to advocate on the interventions required to address the growing social inequalities, approach youth-related issues with holistic perspective, and advocate realistic solutions and redress constituency concerns and aspirations of the people through review of 12th FYP.

Tempa Dorji said that serving as the NC member in the last five years has brought him closer to his people, allowed him to understand their concerns and issues, and in turn, has added significantly in his resolve to serve the people. “I decided to re-contest to serve my country and fellow citizens, with a rekindled honesty and humility, and I’m grateful to have been elected to fulfill their wishes.”

Lhuentse saw total of five NC aspirants, which also included the former NC member (2008-13), Rinzin Rinzin who secured a total of 2,149 votes. The other candidates, Jurme Tenzin secured 1,378 votes, Kinga Penjor secured 1,043 votes, and Tenzin Jurmey secured 746.

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