Lhuentse’s NC nominees demonstrate good-will and solidarity during the Common forum in Kurtoe

childhood buddies, rival now, who will Lhuentse vote (Photo Courtesy : Kuenga Tashi(BBS))
childhood buddies, rival now, who will Lhuentse vote (Photo Courtesy : Kuenga Tashi(BBS))

Jarey gewog’s Tempa Dorji and former National Council MP Rinzin Rinzin from Khoma gewog met with the Kurtoe people at the common forum conducted in Kurtoe gewog yesterday.

The common forum took place at Dungkar School under Kurtoe gewog where more than 150 people gathered. Some people came walking for hours to attend the forum. The day was bright and a good day for the common forum which brought about a positive atmosphere at the venue.

People were excited to partake in the gathering to elect their choice of nominee from the two Lhuentse candidates. Majority of people who attended the forum were women. The two candidates introduced themselves to the common forum where each candidate was given 30 minutes time to speak and convince the gewog people for their benediction.

Kurtoe gewog’s Gup Ugyen Tshering said the candidates were friendly despite being competitors and moreover they happened to be childhood friends and showed respect for each other in their speeches.

During the forum, Khoma’s NC nominee, Rinzin Rinzin said they were together since primary school and high school days. He said, “We don’t have heavy competition, we are friendly and even for the banners or posters, we are sharing where we have divided half each.”

Along with his poster, he pastes his opponent’s poster and the opponent does the same, he said.

Apart from that the NC nominees talked about their manifestos and both the candidates stressed similar points on law enforcement, said the gup.

Rinzin Rinzin in his explanation of his manifesto promised to firstly ensure that all legislations and national policies are in accordance with the principles and provisions of the constitution and that the sanctity of the constitution is safeguarded for perpetuity.

Secondly, the former NC MP highlighted review of agricultural development plans and strategies and draft food and nutrition security policy to contribute to the development of a long term agricultural development policy.

Third in line as explained to the crowd is to address current issues of wider interests pertaining to land use, good governance, youth unemployment, national economy, social problem, poverty elevation and education. And fourth is to carry out parliamentary function as a non-partisan and apolitical member without pride, tragedies, fear or favor.

Likewise NC nominee from Jarey Tempa Dorji made his introduction to the common forum and presented the power points in his manifesto.

In a telephone interview the Jarey nominee  said some of the points that he presented to the gewog people were “Review of public policies, laws, acts, balanced socio-economic development policies.”

Observers of the common forum said people were cooperative, friendly and showed equal support and were attentive to what both the NC nominees had to say during the forum.

Kurtoe gewog is 45 kilometers away from Lhuentse Dzongkhag and Lhuentse Dzongkhag has more than 14,000 eligible voters.

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