Life sentence for rape and murder

Samtse court on 15th August  gave its final verdict in a rape and murder case committed by 23 year old man, Suk Man Gurung from Phuntshopelri, Samtse on. The suspect was given a life sentence in prison in connection to murdering a 19 year old woman after raping her.

Gomtu police apprehended the suspect on 10 March 2017 after the convict raped and murdered the deceased on 1st March. The suspect was the employee of PCAL in Gomtu while the deceased was a temporary employee in a private company.

The mother of the deceased officially lodged a written complaint on 6th March for missing of person. The decomposed dead body was found about 10 meters towards the right side of the river bed near the rough road running below Lhaki Cement factory.

The suspect also has to pay a compensation of Nu.120,000 to the deceased family by 24th October 2017.

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