Lightning strike hits 5

A nine-year old student was admitted in hospital after being electrocuted by a metal pole hit by a lightning strike in lower Goshi in Dagana on 12th March at around 4.30 pm.

Four others were also admitted to hospital due to minor injuries caused by the same lightning  strike.

The lightning has also caused cracks on walls and torn apart the roofs of two households but caused no injuries to the members of the households since no one was inside the house. Several households are also living without the electricity since the incident. Internet and phone lines have also been cutoff since the lightning strikes affected the electric poles.

The Gup said that BPC agreed to provide free wiring and re-electrification service as soon as possible.

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  1. Every house in Bhutan where there are 100% chance of lightening must have the copper wiring and lightening diverting system. It is really essentials. BPC has to find out the clues for it. Otherwise the problem may increase since it is not the fault of any department since BPC has taken wise step and sympathetic step to help the people.

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