Limited seats in the government schools in Thim Throm for PP admission: PM

Many parents claim that they are not able to get admission for Pre-Primary (PP) for the 2022 academic year, especially in Thimphu, although their child has turned five years of age.

During Meet-the-Press, the Prime Minister Dr Lotay Tshering said the problem is only in the Thim Throm because the government allowed 5 years and above children to be enrolled in PP. Schools in remote areas do not even have the required number of student enrollment. There are around 11,000 students who are going to class PP in 2022.

PM said it will be difficult to enroll all the children in PP, so parents must understand that Thimphu has a huge population, and enrolling all the children, at once, will mean expanding the classes, and more teachers will be required.

PM made the suggestion of enrolling the children in other dzongkhags where there are plenty of PP seats available.

Parents must also know that when a child turns five-years-old, it is not necessary to enroll their child in school, and not being able to enroll at the given age will not have any differences. When a child is enrolled at six or seven years of age, they will be able to study well, the PM added.

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