Literacy rate data collection in progress

All the Gewog Administration Officers (GAO) are collecting literacy rate data of the age group 13 years and above. It started on 16 April and is being done in all the gewogs of Tsirang. By the end of the month the data has to be submitted to the Ministry of Education (MoE). “We visit each gewog and we try to complete one chiwog in a day,” said the GAO of Sergithang gewog, Tashi Dema. The data collection aims to find how many people can speak Dzongkha, English and Nepali.

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  1. does literacy mean simply speaking dzongkha, english and nepali? When there is no formal or informal teaching of the three languages simultaneously, most people might know how to speak only one or two of the languages. Most nepali speaking Lhotshamp know only nepali better than dzongkha or english,but only to speak roughly. Similarly a Sarchhop might know sarchhopkha better than other but only to speak and not write. The data on literacy rate shall remaim incomplete unless people know the languages to read and write. not just speak. A former RBA man of Lhotshamp origin know dzongkha fluently, but know nothing about the written language. Is he literate? A businessman who lived in Gelephu for years know nepali fluently, but doesnot know the written language? Is he counted as literate in Nepali?

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