Local and national issues in North Thimphu debate

The public debate at the Zulikha Lower Secondary School yesterday saw candidates wooing voters by voicing pledges and highlighting party achievements.

Kezang Wangmo, 26,of DPT said that having worked for three years in a management post she knew the real challenges people faced.

Kesang Wangmo said she joined DPT because of its ideology and fundamental principles of ‘equity and justice’, which in a way fulfills the principles of Gross National Happiness (GNH) and the party continues to uphold the true elements of democratic system of the governance in the country.

Kezang Wangmo said that she is optimistic that the people of North-Thimphu will support a candidate based on values and convictions, without perceiving on gender.

Kezang Wangmo said the ruling government ideology is Wangtse Chirphel, (empowering people), but in many cases the party failed to listen to the people and made independent decision which is why most of their ventures such as BOIC, Animal Slaughter house, Center School program, BBIN etc were not going well.

She pledged to ensure enough drinking water and address the soaring unemployment especially withwomen if she won the election.

“While visiting households in North-Thimthrom, I found that there is one unemployed university graduate in every house,” Kezang Wangmo said.

She also pledged to connect Soe, Naro and Lingshi with rest of the country and provide electricity to every home in these three places.

Meanwhile Kezang Wangmo is optimistic that given the opportunity she will prove to be an eligible candidate.

Inspired by the noble vision of His Majesty the King and his passion to make a difference to people’s lives Tshering, 33, said he joined PDP going by its remarkable contribution made so far.

He said that PDP, both as an opposition and ruling party, has executed commendable works towards the country’s prosperity.

Tshering said PDP’s lifting of ban on loan and imports, resolving INR crunch, reducing loan interest rate, providing 100 units electricity in rural areas for free, blacktopping farm road, tax exemption for micro business at rural areas etc has enhanced the livelihood of the people.

“Further procurement of helicopters has saved so many precious lives of our people,” Tshering said.

Whereas DPT had fallen short in so many areas in its first five years Tshering said.

He said that DPT tenure had an unimpressive economic performance plagued by an unprecedented INR crisis followed by policy failures.

Hence he said that it is the duty of the people to introspect and ascertain which party is doing better and vote accordingly.

Besides, his general pledges in enhancing farms roads and mule track, enhancement of central schools, construction of Lingzhi Dzong, and construction of bridges at few places under his constituency he particularly stressed on installing street lights at Taba, recreational park and proper drainage at Jungshina.

He also pledged to open one stop information center to guide all youth in the gewog in enrolling into better jobs and finding other opportunities as most of the youths lack guidance.

The information center, he said would serve as assistance in finding them jobs pertinent to their skills and qualification. With such center at place, he pledged to promote full employment and find employment opportunities areas with implementation of refreshed policies and planning.

Tshering also addressed that if he gets elected would bring tremendous change.

“I will ensure all the pledges I made is fulfilled at the earliest if I happen to get elected,” Tshering said.

Meanwhile the poll day for the north –Thimphu by-election is scheduled on November 4 this Friday.

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