Auto Solar Electric Incubator

Local Tech for increased Shiitake mushroom cultivation

Growing your own shiitake mushroom is not only inexpensive, but also quite easy so long as you have the right equipment such as the Auto Solar Electric Incubator.

This automatic unit is Karsang’s innovation who is the founder of Shiitake Mushroom Consultancy Services.

According to Karsang, they have developed 20 hardwood logs capacity to 10,000 small logs capacity solar incubator and at present they are running projects in Wangsisina and Punakha. It is a fully automatic system and works with electricity.

With the existing shiitake cultivation, growing and managing shiitake mushroom requires a lot of experience and hard work. For a successful outcome the location should be carefully selected with availability of water and mushroom growing sheds. The selection of fruiting logs also need to be carefully chosen. Inoculation and Incubation process are also very important.

But this new automatic incubator does all the work by itself and no human labor is required. With the new technology, the first mushroom called Primodia appear (called pinning) within two months instead of 6-7 months with the existing method of mushroom cultivation. For optimal growth, a temperature of 24 degree to 26 degree Celsius is required and at night temperature and humidity is managed with the help of electricity.

Karsang said, “With identification of many shiitake growing failures, we introduced a solution to all the problem related to shiitake mushroom cultivation with this new technology. Shiitake mushroom consultancy service started with the intent to produce shiitake in the country and to stop importing from Thailand”.

He also said, “Initially our customers were not ready to believe us when we presented our new incubator and they even tested us. They wanted us to grow vegetables like beans and cardamom to see the result. The result was just splendid. Now we have lots of customers who come to buy the incubator”.

The incubator with 20 logs cost Nu. 27,000, incubator with 75-100 logs cost Nu. 35,000 and incubator with 10,000 small logs would cost Nu. 2.8 million.

There are also different incubators for growing different vegetables like, cardamom, beans, potato, tomato, etc.

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