Lone Thimphu Thrompon candidate shares his plans

During Thimphu Thrompon debate, former Thimphu Thrompon, Kinlay Dorjee shared with the crowd about his future plans and projects if he gets elected.

He said, “First of all I will improve the public services, secondly tackle water challenges, thirdly manage waste disposal to keep the city clean, fourthly upgrade the city bus facilities and finally come up with the second express way”.

He said he has been giving importance to the public service by going into the field.

“To make public services more flexible and avoid people having to come to the office, we will concentrate on making services go online.

He said that, in the past five years, the government has been supportive on water issues and the problems are not related to budget. “Most of the water issues has been solved and tackled but I am aiming to achieve this issue 100 percent and make water available for 24 hours”.

Talking about waste disposal in Memelakha, he said, “The place is full and over loaded. So people should know and should be supportive because it can affect not only the environment but also water sources”.

Therefore, to address such issues, he said that the garbage is being segregated whereby they make manure with decomposable waste and non-decomposable are sent for recycling to greener way.

“In the next five year than I am aiming to not send even 10 percent of waste to Memelakha”, he said.

Talking about transport he said, “We have to come up with more number of city bus and waiting stations where people can wait for their routine bus”, adding that in this five year plan they had a talk with donors and the world bank who have already approved a budget of Nu.300 million.

“So in this regard if we have full support from the public than it is of sure that we can reduce the number of vehicle in town whereby the time consumption will be reduced and many personal issues will be solved”, he added.

Finally to keep the town safe and secure, he said “I will render my service by making the youths and bars or any other related field to work according to the law”, he added.

He also said that, they already have plans to construct a six km road from Debsi connecting Changbangdhu, which will help in deducing traffic and help commuters to take a shorter route.

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