Lottery business to start soon

The Finance Minister, Namgay Dorji, at the press meet yesterday, said there are serious complications involved with the third countries to restart lottery business. However, the ministry is working on ways to resolve the issues.

The launch of lottery business aims to gain rupee flow in country, at a time of crisis, and add surplus the correction of balance of payment and subside country’s debts.

The Finance Minister said the reason on closure of the business by the former government is only best known to them.

He added that there was no proper justification from the former government and the government of day, in the opposition then, had even asked for a transparent report on it, but failed.

Lyonchhen assured that the person who is appointed to work on the lottery business will propose on how to restart lottery business.

“We are in the final stage of the business we are going to start the paper lottery, online lottery, and internet,” said the Finance Minister.

The Ministry of Finance has been working with a task force to come up with a mechanism to restart lottery business in the country.

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