LPG depots back to doing normal business

Commotions and rush for LPG cylinders at the Tashi Commercial Corporation (TCC) LPG depot have finally subsided after more than 20 days.

TCC’s station manager, Karma Thinley said, “We are back to normal business after 22 days. Just a few days ago, people used to come at 3 am in the morning, forming a long queue to get their LPG cylinders filled.”

He said TCC receives about 700 LPG cylinders a day. “We start exchanging LPG cylinders from 8:30 am in the morning, but the stock clears within three hours and often within an hour.”

“We are doing good business compared to other agents. After the subsidy cut, we have sold approximately about 10,000 LPG cylinders.  As per our norms, we used to provide only one LPG cylinder per person,” he added.

Damchen Petroleum Distributor’s manager, T.R Ghalley said, “There hasn’t been much difference in our sales irrespective of the price fluctuations as we have fewer clients. We sell about 15 to 20 gas cylinders per day.”

The manager said his customers can buy the cylinders at anytime without having to stand in a queue. The Damchen Petroleum Distributor receives about two truckloads of filled gas cylinders every month. “The government has provided us with a quota of only 462 cylinders per month,” T.R Ghalley said.

A LPG cylinder, as of today, costs Nu 504, which was about Nu 1196 without the Indian Government’s subsidy.

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