Lyonchhen asks for better progress on Wangdue Dzong reconstruction

During the Mid-Term Review (MTR) held in Wangdue, Lyonchhen Tshering Tobgay emphasized on the progress of Wangdue Dzong reconstruction.

Meanwhile, Lyonchhen Tshering Tobgay talked on the progress of Wangdue Dzong reconstruction.

He said the construction progress and quality of work is being hampered due to the short supply of skilled laborers, mainly caused by the low wage rate. PM also pointed out that the work progress is hindered by the afternoon strong winds, which makes it hard for masons to work on the wall construction.

There is also a lack of good quality boulders and stones supplied to the dzong construction. “The project management has applied to the Department of Geology and Mines for new stone quarry from Rub Bjaphu farmroad under Rebesa gewog, which has a very good quality stones”, the PM added.

The ground floor structure and residence of caretaker is complete. The first floor (Kuenrey) structure is nearing completion and 85 percent of masonry work, 70 percent of timber work, and 80 percent of carving work are complete on the second floor (Sethri Lhakhang) so far. Choeshum construction for Sethri Lhakhang has already started and fabrication of statues for Kuenrey, sponsored by His Holiness Cheri Je Thrizur, has been started.

Construction of Thri for statues of Kuenrey is almost complete. The tendering of debri painting of Kuenrey and Sethri Lhakhang are to complete within the month. The structure design for base isolation foundation for Ursti (four storied), as approved by His Majesty the


King, has been completed by the consultant. “Preparing bar bending schedule and quantification for Ursti foundation is completed and processing for procurement,” Lyonchhen said.

The outer passage walls of Ursti at Dangchu and Tsangchu sides have been partially dismantled and reconstruction is in full progress to create platform to work on Ursti foundation excavation. Outer retaining walls to support the Kuenrey and Ursti on both sides of Dangchu and Tsangchu are complete. PM said the timber for Ursti construction is being mobilized with 30 percent stockpile reached. It was also pointed out that NRDCL is not able to supply the special sized timber (above 15ft till 35ft) on time.

The approved fund for Wangdue Dzong reconstruction is Nu.100,000mn (GoI) and the total expenditure till date is Nu 13,000mn.

There are 379 laborers including drivers and regular staff working in the dzong reconstruction. The Wangdue Dzong is expected to complete by 2021.

PM also spoke to the people of households affected by the Phunatshanchu Hydro Power Authority (PHPA) blasting works in Wangdue. PM recommended that PHPA compensate the affected houses based on the rural house insurance scheme.

However, the household reported that they have not received the compensation as assured by PHPA so far. They stated that PHPA tried to deny them the compensation, but after a thorough assessment made by experts, it was found that the damages in the houses were caused due to the blasting works. Therefore, PHPA has to now pay the compensation based on the assessment made by the Royal Insurance Corporation of Bhutan (RICB).

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