Lyonchhen celebrates Teachers day in Samtse and sends a heartfelt message

Lyonchhen (Dr) Lotay Tshering joined the teachers and students of Samtse Higher and Lower Secondary schools to celebrate Teachers day on 2nd May.

The day also marks the Birth anniversary of His Majesty The Third King.

In a message for teachers written from Samtse, Lyonchhen said that the district  hosts the first teacher training institute in the country, which produced more than 5,000 teachers so far. He said he was taught by some of those teachers.

“I put down these thoughts with hopes that it will reach the teacher in Lunana, calling out to her students in that freezing classroom, or the young man singing rhymes with his students, oblivious to scorching heat of the foothills,”wrote Lyonchhen.

Lyonchhen said he prayed that these words ended up in the ears of teachers all across the country, who do not mind the crowded classroom with basic furniture, who do not complain of the makeshift classrooms.

He hoped that the teachers who see through different sacrifices to ensure children are educated and grow up to be a good Bhutanese, get this message.

“Dear teachers. On this day and on every other day, I would like to say thank you. These are mere words but please know they are heartfelt,” said Lyonchhen.

The PM admitted that they have talked enough about importance of teachers, about sacrifices they make, their hefty work load and long working hours.

“We know you live by example not just in schools but beyond. We know the fact that once a teacher, you are expected to live as one all your lives,” said the PM.

Lyonchhen said it is time to reciprocate teachers contributions and so within the limited resources of the country, and an intricate system that involves other civil servants, the government will all it can.

He said, “I will keep working on your financial incentives, explore ways to offer social support, and improve your work environment. As much as you are a civil servant, I know other civil servants are fruition of teachers’ efforts. Therefore, it is time to give what is due.”

The PM said the government’s intentions are genuine and as they work relentless over the years to make teacher’s contributions as worthy, he called on them to sustain their efforts and not give up on the children or rather, the future of our country.

“Dear teachers, as symbolic as it can get, it is also the day we celebrate our revered Father of Modern Bhutan, the late third Druk Gyalpo Jigme Dorji Wangchuck. In fact, it was the third King who initiated and inaugurated the first teacher training college here in Samtse. So if you are looking for an inspiration, the day offers you just that. It spells out that no hardship and endeavour go futile,” added Lyonchhen.

The PM revealed that had he not qualified for a doctor after the 12th standard, he would have decided on becoming a teacher.

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